Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy had the kids screaming for more during the Boys of Zummer tour at the Concord Pavilion.

The 2015 Boys of Zummer Tour rolled into the Concord Pavilion earlier this week, and after witnessing the thousands of screaming fans, it’s easy to see why it has been called one of the hottest tours of the summer. With a co-headlining bill of Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa, along with opener Hoodie Allen, the show most certainly had something for everyone.

Warming up the still filing in crowd, rapper Hoodie Allen took the stage and got everyone on their feet with “The Real Thing,” “Act My Age,” and his cover of Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy.” Hoodie proved to be a good choice to open the show and was just a hint of things to come.

After a brief intermission, which featured a quick collaboration of MAX and DJ Drama that kept the now packed crowd going, Wiz Khalifa hit the stage with “Ass Drop” and proceeded to put on an hour and fifteen minute set that had the crowd completely up in arms. Backed by DJ Bonics, Wiz looked to be having a great time on stage, even rolling around on his PhunkeeDuck hover board during “Roll Up.” Of course, no Wiz set would be complete without both “Black and Yellow,” and his latest hit, “See You Again.”  By the time he wrapped up his set, everyone in the venue must have had a great contact high.

Although a few people may have been wondering how Fall Out Boy was going to go over after Khalifa’s set, it only took the few opening notes of “Sugar, Were Goin’ Down” to prove that the line-up for this tour is nothing short of brilliant. The band now had the kids in the front, who had been previously waving their arms, now pumping their fists to pop-punk anthems “Irresistible,” “Alone Together,” and of course “Dance, Dance.” Vocalist Patrick Stump had the crowd in the palm of his hands while bassist Pete Wentz kept the girls in the front row screaming. As the band wrapped up the evening with “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)” and “Saturday,” it was clear the Boys of Zummer is indeed one of the biggest tours of this Summer.

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