Nuno Bettencourt and Sebastian Bach headline the debut of Soundcheck Live, Hollywood’s latest spin on the weekly all-star jam. 

Lucky Strike’s Ultimate Jam Night is no more, having split into two separate events. Beginning March 29th, Ultimate Jam Night is moving to the world famous Whisky in West Hollywood.

Lucky Strike is now hosting their twist on jam night; Soundcheck Live. Soundcheck Live, which debuted on Wednesday, March 16th, is a new, free weekly jam. Each week’s show will consist of three parts: Act I, where the evening’s cast of artists (and the resident band) play songs they have a personal connection with; Act II, curated by the week’s headliner(s) choose the songs and bring along any special guests; Act III, where all of the players jam together in an unrehearsed and spontaneous manner. 

The inaugural show started off with comedian Chris Gass, followed by the resident band, consisting of Steve Ferlazzo (Avril Lavigne, DramaGods), Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper), Carl Restivo (Tom Morello, Satellite Party), Steve Fekete (Avril Lavigne, Vertical Horizon), and Derek Frank (Shania Twain) took the stage, playing everything from “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” to “Voodoo Chile.”

The headliner for the week was none other than Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme/Rihanna), who brought along Sebastian Bach and Orianthi for his curated set, which included covers of “Fame,” “School’s Out,” and “Super Massive Blackhole.”

The final jam featured updated takes on “Vertigo,” “Always on the Run,” and “Sweet Emotion,” ending with Springsteen’s American classic, “Born to Run.”

Soundcheck Live will be back next week, with a yet-to-be-announced headliner. While the event is free, you will need to RSVP on the website to guarantee a spot inside. The event is 21 and over.

Photo by Tamea, courtesy of Soundcheck Live.

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