Every Time I Die Overpowers the Mercury Ballroom Stage with Real Friends, Counterparts, Brigades and  Gatherers.

Stopping in Louisville on The Common Vision Tour, Every Time I Die Came blasting onto the Mercury Ballroom Stage with Gun’s a blazin’ starting their set off with, “We’re wolf,” “thirst,” and “Decayin’ With the Boys,” and never let up. The Mercury Ballroom Stage could barely contain the intense energy that the group was pouring out.

Jordan, Andy and Stephen were all over the stage, standing on speaker stacks and jumping off the bass drum while Keith never seemed to stop moving. The crowd, feeding off the bands energy, was moshing and rocking hard, giving everything they had back to ETID. Keith promised those in attendance he would Hi-Five each and every fan that made it over the front barricade which of course started a relentless surge of crowd surfers (close to the end of their set Keith pointed to the bruises on his arm from all Hi-Fives he was giving and begged for more).

Their set also included their cover of Nirvana’s classic, “Tourettes” and fan favorite, “The New Black” before ending their seventeen song, sixty plus minute set with “Ebolarama” and “Moor”. It was an incredible evening and a great performance from Every Time I Die, A must see High-Energy live show.

Every Time I Die is: Keith Buckley/Vocals,  Jordan Buckley/Guitar,  Andy Williams/Guitar,  Stephen Micciche/Bass and Daniel Davison/Drums.

From Tinsley Park, Illinois, Pop Punk band Real Friends took to the stage as the evening’s main support to a room full of frenzied fans.  They opened their eleven-song, hour long set with “Loose Ends,” “Dirty Water,” “Cover You Up,” and “Anchor Down” before stopping briefly to let the fans catch their breath from their singing and thrashing around.

Lead singer Dan Lambton asked for the crowd to treat everyone like real people, don’t be so worried about what others are doing, to stop with the hate and have respect for one another. It was sincere and heartfelt and spoke to what the band is all about.  Real Friends wrapped up their set with “Late Nights in My Car” and “I Don’t Love You Anymore” fully satisfying the Real Friends fans in attendance.

Real Friends is Dan Lambton/Vocals, Kyle Fasel/Bass, Dave Knox and Eric Haines/guitar Brian Blake/Drums,

From Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Pure Noise recording artists Counterparts played third and really kicked the evening into high gear. They performed an intense, high energy, punk rock set that had the pit going from their opening chords. Songs  included “Stranger” off of their most recent album Tragedy Will Find Us and “Compass” from The Difference Between Hell and Home.

Counterparts is  Brendan Murphy/Vocals, Jesse Doreen and Adrian Lee/Guitar,  Kelly Bilan/Drums and Brian Kaczmarczyk/Bass

Playing for the first time in Louisville, were South Carolina based Brigades who ended a strong set with their song, “Writing on the Wall” (Darren Young, Charlie Jackson, Dylan Cobden, Frank Bryant, and Damian Johnson) along with New Jersey based Gatherers (Matt Popowski, Adam Cichocki, Austin Lipinski, Gianmarco Felix Guerra-Coletti, and Rich Weinberger)

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