Playing to a packed house in Tin Pan Alley, Bluesy rockers Dirty Thrills held an intimate concert to launch their latest single.

Facebook was awash with fan posts and shares when the up-and-coming blues-rockers, Dirty Thrills, announced a surprise gig. The band held this show to launch their new single and video, “Hourglass,” taken from their recent EP, Sweetheart Of The Slums. The London-based, blues rock quartet is comprised of Louis James (vocals), Jack Fawdry (guitar), Aaron Plows (bass), and Steve Corrigan (drums). Fans knew the chance to see Dirty Thrills in a small, hot, and sweaty club in the threatened and iconic “Tin Pan Alley” quarter of London was not to be missed.

The band is making a name for itself on the national rock scene. They are quickly building up a loyal following, having supported Status Quo at the Lechlade Festival in May. The boys are also on the 2015 Planet Rockstock line-up in December, and their new single in on the Planet Rock Radio’s playlist. Recently, they were featured in leading UK Classic Rock and Blues magazine publications, and a couple of their tracks are included on the free CDs included in music magazines.

Dirty Thrills “Hourglass” Official Music Video

The Alley Cat Club is packed and heaving by the time support band, The Broken Chords, a fast-paced, high-energy trio from Hertfordshire, set the pace for the evening. Their charismatic front-man and guitarist, Joe Finnigan, confidently struts his stuff. His superb vocals stand out as he impressively belts out a 30-minute set of mainly new and unreleased songs, backed up by the powerhouse rhythm section of bassist Aid Eggenton and hard-hitting drummer Jamie Wilsdon.

The Broken Chords has already had a great year with the release of their debut EP, Rock And Stone. The band also played a UK tour, an appearance at Download Festival 2015, and a support slot with Irish rockers The Answer at the O2 Islington Academy. The raw energy, dynamism, and confidence of these accomplished musicians is infectious. Their catchy riffs, ballsy enthusiasm, and modern take on old-school rock ‘n’ roll make for a great warm-up for what is to come.

Dirty Thrills leaps onto the stage with the swagger and confidence of a young Rival Sons, seeming to have matured under their new management. Kicking off with “Letterbomb” from their Sweetheart Of The Slums EP, the band shows some real rock n roll attitude.

The band features guitarist Jack mounting his Orange amp. Frontman Louis looks every inch a rock star swaying and twitching his tightly-jeaned hips whilst making suggestive moves with his mike stand. The waxed-moustached and dandily-dressed bassist, Aaron, lithely makes impossible shapes worthy of a limbo dancer, his driving bass line emulates the vintage tone and melodic groove of John Paul Jones. Hard-hitting drummer Steve, the rhythm powerhouse of the group, steadily and solidly keeps it all together. The stage is alive and the energy palpable. The whole band moves and grooves together in synergy. A real chemistry is brewing in front of fans.

The cheer from the crowd is deafening as Dirty Thrills moves into the dirty blues sound of Reign and the anthemic “The Man Who Lost His Way” from their self-titled debut album. The fans bang heads and sing along loudly to all the lyrics, matching the enthusiasm of the band. Jack’s energetic guitar solos are a gig highlight. The excitement grows as fans watch and listen whilst Jack wrings everything he can out of all six strings of his guitar.

Based on the catchy melody and ease with which the crowd sang along to “Feeling” from the new EP, this song was already a favourite with the fans. The dancing and bouncing of the fans made for a sweltering atmosphere in the tightly packed venue. To tumultuous cheers and applause, “No Resolve” and “Follow Me Home” follows.

The sultry, emotional, blues-soaked “No Resolve” showcases Louis’ beautiful vocal rings with an intense energy. This song also features bottle slide guitar work from Jack, played whilst perched on an old piano at the side of the stage. Louis accompanies him with some crazy tambourine-slapping leaving his thighs black and blue.

There is a big cheer from the crowd as Louis announced the next song and the reason for the gig that evening. They launch into the single “Hourglass” from the Sweetheart of the Slums EP. The song is a dark, lingering, and hypnotic ballad, with tinges of Aerosmith in the chorus with Louis’ soaring, uplifting vocals.

“Hourglass” could very well be the track that will give Dirty Thrills the rock media attention they need and deserve. The song is well-written, catchy, anthemic and is accompanied by a superb video. It is easy to imagine this song in the soundtrack of a Hollywood blockbuster movie.

As the last song of the set, the band launches into “Sigh.” Louis’ vocals sound like a young Paul Rodgers. This real blues bruiser of a song steadily picks up tempo and leaves fans hanging with excitement at the sudden death finish. The gig ends in mid-climax; fans still pumped from the show demand more.

After a set like this, there is only one song for an encore that could satisfy the crowd, and that is their version of “Rock n Roll.” Their rendition is a crowd-pleasing, whiskey-drenched stomper. It cleverly and unpredictably switches pace, showcasing each of the band members’ musical skills.

Dirty Thrills have been compared with Rival Sons, Myles Kennedy, Paul Rodgers, Jim Morrison, and even Whitesnake. However, their brand of classic, dirty rock with big grooves and sleazy riffs beautifully merge blues with heavy rock to give a fresh, original sound. No matter where this band plays, they play as if they’re headlining an arena, never failing to put on a kick-ass show. Their minds are clearly set on bigger things; fans will come to know them as one of the bands you just have to see live.

Eric Duvet was behind the lens for the night.

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