The Dead Kennedys play a packed show at the historic Fillmore Auditorium and prove that punk rock is still alive and kicking in San Francisco.

While some may be dubious and ask the obvious question about the Dead Kennedys these days, the band hit the stage and let their music do (most of) the talking. With the classic line-up of East Bay Ray on guitar, Klaus Flouride on bass, and D. H. Peligro behind the drum kit, the band with vocalist, Ron “Skip” Greer, sounded better than ever.

Their setlist included classics such as “Police Truck,” “Kill the Poor,” “Too Drunk To Fuck,” and of course, “California Ãœber Alles.” It was San Francisco punk rock at it’s finest, and proof that there is indeed life after Jello.

Support for the evening came from fellow legendary punk band, Reagan Youth who put an an exceptional set as well; Dwarves guitarist He Who Cannot Be Named; and locals Vktms SF, who were they perfect choice to start the night.


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