Co-Headliners Chon and Dance Gavin Dance shine at Louisville’s Mercury Ballroom with Vasudeva and Eidola.  

Dance Gavin Dance and Chon are co-headlining “The Robot With Human Hair vs. Chonzilla” tour, switching off closing duties every night. Tonight, Chon is billed to close out the night.

Dance Gavin Dance take to the stage, accompanied by Andrew Michael Wells of Eidola, and open with “Open Your Eyes and Look North,” a fan favourite from their second studio album. They follow up with a pair of songs from their new immensely popular album, Mothership.

The powerful clean vocals are fantastically reproduced on stage by front-man Tillian Pearson, who is complimented by the screaming vocals of Jon Mess. The musicianship of Will Swan (guitar), Matt Mingus (drums), and Tim Feerick (bass) shine through, providing the intense breakdowns that get the mosh pit spinning as well as the grooves that form the pulse of the performance. Five of the thirteen tracks from their new album make their way into the set, including “Inspire the Liars,” which Dance Gavin Dance recently released a new music video for.

Chon brings a different vibe as they close out the show. Incredibly technical, groove-oriented instrumental rock is what Chon does best, and they deliver on every expectation. The band jump right into their set with a pair of arguably their most popular songs, “Moon” and “Splash.” Their ability to recreate the accuracy they display in their studio recordings is impressive.

Closing for Dance Gavin Dance is a tall order, and they meet that challenge incredibly well. Mario Camarena and Erick Hansel masterfully share the role of lead guitar, with Mario’s brother, Nathan Camarena providing the technical grooves that Chon is best known for. The band has plans to release a new album this year through Sumerian Records.

Hailing from central New Jersey, instrumental rock band Vasudeva perform second on the bill. Their set features several songs from their new full-length album, No Clearance which is due to release on March 31st. Vasudeva is Corey Mastrangelo, Grant Mayer and Derek Broomhead.

Eidola, a five-piece experimental post-hardcore band from Salt Lake City, UT kick off the proceedings this evening. Touring in support of their latest album, Degeneraterra, their 30-minute set features the energetic vocals of Andrew Michael Wells and is well received. Eidola is Brandon Bascom and Matthew Dommer (Guitar), James Johnson (Bass) and Matthew Hansen (Drums).


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Event Date: 01-MAR-2017