The UFC International Fight Week nears its end Friday before the fights the following day with a concert by hard rock icons Godsmack

Not only is it the Fourth of July weekend in Las Vegas, but it is also UFC Fight Week.  This means a variety of events leading up to Saturday nights fights and for Friday, the night ends with a concert by Boston rockers Godsmack.  The intro music begins to play and there is a crack of pyro and the black curtain falls to reveal the band.  They open strong with “When Legends Rise,” “1000hp” and “Say My Name.”  During the second song, “1000hp” is when we begin to see the signature Godsmack pyrotechnics.  There are bursts of flames, and at times an entire wall of fire between the band and drummer Shannon Larkin.  Front-man Sully Erna plays guitar in the center of the stage with bassist Robbie Merrill and guitarist Troy Rombola on either side of him.  The stage setup doesn’t stop with the pyro, there are various rotating lights that move into various shapes and forms all of which create one of the more complex and interesting stage performances to be seen this year in Las Vegas.

The set continues with old and new favorites including “Keep Away,” “Awake,” “Voodoo,” and the live debut of “Take it to the Edge.”  Erna now is moving around the stage and interacting with the crowd.  Fans of Godsmack know Erna is an accomplished musician and that he plays a variety of instruments.  The live shows allow him the chance to showcase this.  He plays keyboards on one song, but of course one of the highlights of the set is the dueling drum solo with Larkin.  They perform the complicated drums set in perftct synchronicity, complete with tossing drumsticks in the air and to the crowd.  This is something Godsmack has been doing for a long time but remains something people look forward to.  Larkin is one of the best drummers and Erna performs amazingly with him.  When their drum kits to to face each other they are mirror images of each others performance.

This is a two hour set which is very uncommon and the pyro and light show keep up through the night.  The five song encore begins with “Under Your Scars,” before which Erna takes some time to explain the formation of their new Scars Foundation Charity whose mission is to raise awareness for mental health issues like suicide, bullying, addiction, abuse and more. The encore then continues with “Bulletproof” and covers of “Come Together” and “Rocky Mountain Way” before closing out with “I Stand Alone.”  

For a busy holiday weekend with lots of events and fireworks, Godsmack put on one of the most impressive shows of the whole weekend.  The crowd was packed in to The Joint from the beginning right until the end.  The UFC fights are the following night but this was a great way to unofficially end fight week.

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Event Date: 05-JUL-2019

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