Cypress Hill smoke all the weed during the annual 420 Hippie Hill celebration at the Bill Graham Civic in San Francisco, California.

In a special San Francisco appearance to celebrate what has become the ultimate counterculture holiday, Cypress Hill took the stage with blunts in hand. Although they performed for less than an hour, they delivered the hits to the stoned but still dancing fans.

The marijuana smoke flowed freely throughout the show, with B-Real and Sen Dog trading rhymes and passing around a giant blunt in the shape of an Uzi machine gun, and B-Real taking hits an eight-foot bong was brought out onto the stage, during “Hit’s From the Bong.” Other highlights from the evening included “I Want To Get High,” “Dr. Greenthumb,” “I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That,” and of course “Insane in the Brain.”

Cypress Hill has just kicked off the 25th anniversary tour. Check for tickets in your area. Just be prepared to leave stoned.

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