The band delivers powerful, passionate, and raw emotion born from a downward spiral of physical and spiritual loss in their debut album.

Awaken The Empire is a four piece alternative rock band out of Seattle, WA founded in 2009 consisting of Damien Lawson (vocals/guitar), Shivan Somarantne (guitar), Romina Fronti (bass), and Daryl Falconer (drums).

The sound of Aurora is made up of mean and clean mixing alternative rock, electronic/industrial, hints of pop-punk with variations in tempo from song to song, and well placed breakdowns.

The first three songs intertwine starting with Insomniacs Unite as a shout out to all fighting the status quo and who have woken up from the slumber of the day to day grind. Cruel World warns against wasting energy fighting things you cannot control. We Control The Lights describes how inner strength provides the light that fights against darkness and can brighten the cruel world.

Messy is a first person story about loving, wanting to be loved, and being let into someone’s fragile life. I’m Not Invisible is a call for help when there is no one. Cross My Heart is a song of hope, love, and the internal struggle of wanting to be reunited with a loved one after they are forever gone.

Rise + Fall is about believing there is something more to life and something worth fighting for, even against the odds. Saviour takes another look at inner strength and taking control, saying a “savior is not enough”. Similar to Cross My Heart, Nevermind explores the loss of a loved one and the feeling of being alone, wishing for their return.

A Tribute To Rome awakens a yearning to reunite with true-love. Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown explores the struggle of trying to be an individual in a society of sheep. Holding My Breath completes the album with a powerful song of being conflicted, hoping someone will realize how much you love them while trying to resist the urge to scream it at the top of your lungs.

The pure emotion Awaken The Empire poured into Aurora through their music and lyrics draws the listener in allowing the songs to stand by themselves individually, but also brings the whole album together with common threads of love, loss, and self-realization.

Aurora is scheduled to be released on July 24, 2015 via Another Century Records.

Look for Awaken The Empire supporting their debut album, Aurora, on tour this summer with 10 Years, Nonpoint, and The Family Ruin.

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