Detroit’s “Best Indescribable, Genre-Hopping Band” (Metro Times Best of 2014) will perform a final hometown show on Saturday, January 23 at The Loving Touch in Ferndale, Michigan.

After more than 100 shows on the road in 2015 touring with bands like Dead Kennedys and Fishbone, Downtown Brown are setting their sights on Los Angeles in 2016.

Downtown Brown played their first live show in 2001 on the campus of College For Creative Studies, the art school that lead singer and sole founding member Neil P. dropped out of just months previous. That same year, the band cut its teeth at small clubs like Jacoby’s and Garden Bowl. As the band built a local following, they graduated to bigger rooms like The Shelter and Magic Stick.

In 2012, after over a decade of slugging it out booking DIY national tours, multiple independent record deals, and releasing a slew of material, DTB was approached by Fishbone founding member John “Norwood” Fisher and offered a management deal.

2013 saw the release of the band’s sixth studio album, produced by Fisher, and catapulted the band onto bigger tours, better venues, and ultimately gave them a start to a career in rock and roll.

“I feel like we”ve done just about everything we set out to do being based in Detroit,” says lead singer Neil P. aka Neebo. “I mean, we recorded a duet with Insane Clown Posse and one time I took a dump at Kid Rock”s house… what else is there?”

Neil set his sights on relocating the band to Fisher’s hometown of Los Angeles where he’s planning on furthering his working relationship with the legendary bassist.

​It just makes sense. All of our most well-connected contacts are based in Los Angeles now. The goal is to go there and make a stink just like we did in the early days of DTB in Detroit. Same size fish, way bigger pond. We”ll see what happens. Maybe we”ll make some progress …maybe we”ll fall into the ocean,” ponders Neebo.

“Either way, I”ll never forget my roots and the fact that this city shaped every aspect of who I am as an artist and performer. Detroit gives you thick skin and authenticity. We”ll see if we can turn some heads out on the left coast.”

Who is Downtown Brown?

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Downtown Brown
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