Candlebox – 25 Years of Rock and Still Rolling!

Opening up the night was done by local rockers The LOWS. Both energy and full on rock was dished out as each musician poured their soul into the each and every song. Tunes like “Purple,” “Let it Go,” and “Radio Trippin” showed the band’s technical side and great songwriting. With a solid rhythm section laid down by the bassist and drummer, it gave both guitarists room to bring melody and amazing leads to each song. Vocalist Angelo Coppola used the entire stage to entertain the audience and spent half his time launching himself into the air during bursts of emotion. The LOWS is an amazing group to keep on the radar.

Next up was G4L Records recording artist To Whom It May. Coming all the way from Galveston, Texas, this trio brought a serious dose of rock and roll with them. It’s always a pleasure to watch and listen to three musicians fill up a room making it sound like a 7 piece band. Moving from complex grooves to simple melodic chordal movements, this group proved their songwriting was both mature and polished. The band is currently on tour supporting their self titled EP. Finishing touches to their full length album The Great Filter are being made for a soon to be released date.

Closing the night was Candlebox. In a sea of ever changing music, to have both a sound and style stay true through 25 years is monumental. The band brought the same sound, style and energy from 93′ and delivered it to Metro Detroit in 2019. Members in the audience were made up multiple generations, parents who grew up rocking with Candlebox and now sharing a fist in the air with their kid. What an amazing moment to witness families singing songs together.

The band opened up the night with classics “Change,” “Blossom,” and “No Sense.” Their musicianship is well seasoned and solid. Even with a last minute cold, lead vocalist Kevin Martin belted out a whole range of tunes without skipping a beat. Both Kevin and the band are dedicated to their fans and it was apparent by the way they connected to them. Rounding out the night the band played one of many anthems “Far Behind.” Candlebox was here 25 years ago, they’re here today and I would expect them to have similar tour in 2043 while on their “50 Years of Rock and Still Rolling!”

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To Whom It May
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Event Date: 16-FEB-2019