Mayhem, Watain, and Revenge team up for a black metal tour across America, proving that Black Metal is still a force to be reckoned with.

The metalheads of what was to be a sold out show were still entering the venue. Canada’s Revenge hit the stage for a brief solid set of blackened thrash, which was the perfect interlude for the evenings headliners. It wasn’t easy for the band to keep the interest of the fans, who were there for Watain and Mayhem, but they did warmed up the crowd for the features to come.

After a brief intermission, and as the stench of fresh roadkill was slowly making it’s way through every inch of the venue, the lights dimmed and Watain hit the stage with, “Death’s Cold Dark” the opening track of their 2010 release, Lawless Darkness. Bathed in red lights, and covered in pigs blood, the band tore through selections from all of their releases, including the latest, The Wild Hunt. Highlights included both “Underneath the Cenotaph” and “Sworn to the Dark.” And yes, there was animal blood splattered onto the crowd, but no one seemed to mind.

Finally, the lights dimmed once again an headliners Mayhem hit the stage with both their menacing sound and theatrics to a now packed to the rafters room. Playing in almost total darkness, and with singer Attila at the helm, the band ripped through 30 plus years of their storied history playing, “Deathcrush,” “Psywar,” and everything in between. It was Mayhem at their finest, and was the prefect way to end an extraordinary night of Black Metal.


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Raymond Ahner is a professional freelance photographer residing in San Francisco, California. Growing up in the Bay Area, Raymond was lucky enough to witness both the Punk and Thrash Metal scene of the 1980's explode literally right in front of his eyes. It was a pretty special time in his life, and is what instilled his love for live music. Over the years Raymond has been fortunate enough to combine his passion for live music with his love of photography. And although he will always love shooting the big arena Rock show, it is in a tiny, packed to the rafters club were he his most at home with his gear.

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