Amid heightened security, Black Label Society’s first ever visit to Daytona Bikeweek went off without a hitch during this 75th anniversary of the event

Black Label Society was the perfect addition to this the 75th Anniversary of Daytona Bike Week and it was a packed house at the all new Jesters Live. The band’s hard driving rock n’ roll style and clean and blistering guitar riffs by none other that Zakk Wylde is in perfect unison with a biker event right down to the patched jackets and vests that are the band’s trademark and so reminiscent of a motorcycle clubs colors.

As per band stipulation, added security was put in place around the venue including tight security at the door with extra pat-downs and extensive bag searches. Media was not allowed into nor near the photography pit provided. I would believe this to be due to the terrible shooting incident that took the life of Darrell ‘Dime Bag’ Abbott in 2004. Zakk played a touching tribute showing a touch of his softer side with talented notes on the piano.

With some of the cleanest guitar riffs in the world of music, Zakk keeps the art of the guitar solo alive and well in every song he plays. He has a commanding presence on stage during his high energy set, certainly stealing the show.

The band, Big House Pete, hailing from Pittsburgh, was the opening band for this night of powerhouse bike week rock which took place at Jesters Live, a new premier concert and event venue, located on the property of world famous Bruce Rossmeyer’s Harley Davidson Destination Daytona.

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