Beast In The Field enveloped the small stage at Crossroads Bar near Eastern Michigan University with an enormous wall of sound richly harvested from the heaviest Earth.

This was the first stop of the “No One Survives Tour” featuring four amazing Michigan bands; Whaler, Bison Machine, Blue Snaggletooth, and Beast In the Field. Each band brought their own unique take on the genres of hard rock, doom, and stoner rock to Crossroads in Ypsilanti.

Whaler put the evening into drive amidst an electric shroud of green and blue fog. Sonorous and resonating grooves coursed from the band as they plowed through their set. The low-end thump even had the bass players glass of beer sliding across the stage. The bonus with this band was the gritty vocals provided by Adam Lupo, which reminded me of Troy Sanders from Mastodon.

Burning bright and hot with lysergic energy, Bison Machine engaged the crowd with pure rock. The buzz from this band was palpable as they rammed high velocity tunes into the audience. The bent delivery by vocalist Tom Stec was intriguing and lent to people getting up close and banging their heads as the band kicked into one tight groove after another. The drumming by Breck Crandell was outstanding. His style is animated and powerful with great flair.

It was release night for Blue Snaggletooth with their latest offering, Beyond Thule. After a short delay due to some technical difficulties, the band unleashed a blistering set of colossal rock. From the thunderous “Sleeping Mountain” to the swashbuckling “Serpent and The King,” Blue Snaggletooth took no prisoners and caused a nice pit to open up in front of the stage. It was refreshing to see a band that has a great time on stage and welcomes their fans to join in the festivities.

The struggle with writing about a Beast In The Field show is finding a word that is more massive than heavy. Due to the smaller stage, the Beast could only bring in a few speaker cabinets, yet found a way to cause the power to fail on stage shortly after they started. With a quick adjustment, they restored the roar and began to pummel those in attendance. It is astounding how two people can generate such a thick and lush barrage of riffs. The lords of all things heavy smile upon Beast In The Field. Deep lumbering passages give way to full-blown mayhem with songs that have no room for vocals. The fans in attendance really got into the experience with bodies flying to the beat of the music. With ears ringing and reverberations echoing in our bodies, the show ended in screaming silence.

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