Collin Raye makes a return to the northern Indiana community to deliver an evening of greatest musical hits and laughs on Friday evening.     

Almost three years after his previous visit to Shipshewana, Collin Raye returns to the Event Center to perform in front of a near capacity crowd.  He last performed in the small, shopping and flea market community was in the spring of 2016. 

Collin has recently marked his 27th year in the music industry as an artist.  In celebration to his 25 year landmark, Collin returned to the recording studio and rerecorded 25 of his top singles that also included his 16 #1 hit songs for a new album 25 Years, 25 Hits.  For a few of them, he changed a few arrangements and made the songs better than the original recordings.

During that time, he also reconnected with a few songs that he had previously removed from his shows to introduce new songs and has brought them back to his live shows as many songs are still requested on a nightly basis.         

On this occasion, Collin and his band bring a show full of his greatest hits, along with a few choice songs from other artists that he admires and looks up to.  He also shows that he is full of fun and games with a taste of humor throughout his show.

Collin starts this evening’s show off with a couple of upbeat tunes “Anyone Else” and “On The Verge” before slowing it down for one of his #1 ballads “In This Life” that he his known for.  From the initial notes of the first song, the crowd is jumping up and down dancing to the music and ready to have an entertaining evening.

After “Little Red Rodeo,” Collin thanks the crowd for coming and jokes about the colder temperatures in northern Indiana.  He comments, “you all are a tough breed.  You all might not be bothered by this frigid cold, but for us that come from down south, it’s freezing up here.  Thank God for indoor venues.”

He makes note that the last two years have been his busiest in the past 15 years, citing that country music of the ’90s is making a comeback and putting a lot of past artists and musicians back to work because of it, including himself. 

Resuming with the music, he kicks off with another one of his #1 singles “I Can Still Feel You” before “Someone You Used To Know” and “Undefeated.” 

Influenced by the late Glen Campbell, Collin worked with him many times over the years and was a very good friend until the day he died.  Five years ago, when he heard of Glen’s beginning stages of the Alzheimer’s Disease, he wanted to do a tribute album of Glen’s songs.  Fortunately, Glen was able to hear the album while he could still comprehend the thoughtful act performed by Collin.  Tonight, Collin performs a touching tribute to Glen by performing his song “Galveston.”  Along with the crowd’s applause, Glen would happily approve of the rendition.

Known for his collection of sad, depressed ballads, Collin sings “Not That Different” before joking “country music is supposed to be songs.  If country music wasn’t about sad songs, Hank (Williams) Sr. wouldn’t have had much of a career without all his sad songs.” 

“A Time Machine” was once called “too deep” for country radio by the record labels so was never released as a single, although the song is always requested.  Collin performs the soothing song with only his piano and fiddle player.

The highlight moment of the evening comes next.  Of all his songs, he comics that this one he would rather not do again if he could get away with it.  However, it is one of his biggest hits ever and he is kind of stuck with it and folks would get really upset if he didn’t sing it each night.  Claiming to be a very depressing song, it has been a very good song for him over the years. 

Stating that the song has worn well because half of the world’s population can relate to it, he confirms that he is referring to the male population.  He dedicates this song to all the males in the crowd due to all the struggles “we” go through.  Calling out to the ladies that they have to admit to so many male bashing songs out there, he stresses that Carrie Underwood has made a career of it claiming that he doesn’t think she likes men much.  He then jokes that his friend Miranda Lambert has killed two or three men in a few of her songs.  

He next pleads with the females in the crowd to forgive the men in their lives as some of the things they get bent out of shape about is nothing more than a “simple, honest, and wholesome miscommunication.”  Telling them that the men mean well, they have to look at the intentions behind the act or comments. 

As his one and only Public Service Announcement to help in the marriage and relationship….”Always remember, us men by birth and by nature are righteous and honest.  But there are times when your trying your hardest to calm her down and she’s not listening, a man has only one option and one option only when talking is not any good any more.  You just have to stop talking, stand up and proudly and defiantly and look her in the eyes and say….”That’s My Story” and I’m sticking to it.”

As the song concludes, the female fiddle player spoke to the guys in the crowd “if I may interject, before any of you guys take any stock in Collin’s statement, all this is coming from a guy who hasn’t been married in over 30 years.” 

Getting back to the softer romantic ballads that Collin is known for, he performs his #1 cross-over pop single “The Gift” before getting even more emotional with the crowd favorite “Little Rock.” 

Collin ends the set with the first song that started it all for him in 1991, the #1 “Love Me.”

Returning to the stage for an encore, Collin spices it up with a little old classic rock “Roll Me Away” and “Get Out Of Denver” by the legendary Bob Seger. 

Just as throughout the rest of the evening’s performance, Collin’s voice is so pure and soothing and never falters.  However, Shaunna Larkin on background vocalist, fiddle and mandolin only helps complement him as she assists to accompany him on vocals.       

For those in attendance at the Shipshewana Event Center, they left feeling fully entertained from a night with music and laughs by Collin Raye. 

If you have seen the show in the past, you fully are aware of the magic that comes from Collin’s distinctive voice that has continued for the past 27 years and still going strong.  If you haven’t seen a show before, you need to click on the links below and find a Collin Raye show for yourself. 

Come see why this man stands apart from all others and his peers and has lasted the test of time.  You are guaranteed a night of musical entertainment you won’t soon forget.    

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Shipshewana Event Center
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Event Date: 08-Feb-2019

Collin Raye setlist:

  1. Anyone Else     2. On The Verge     3. In This Life     4. Little Red Rodeo     5. I Can Still Feel You     6. Some One You Used To Know     7. Undefeated     8. Galveston (Glen Campbell cover)     9. Not That Different     10. A Time Machine     11. What The Heart Wants     12. That’s My Story     13. The Gift     14. Little Rock     15. My Kind Of Girl / I Want You Bad     16. Love Me     Encore: 17. Roll Me Away (Bob Seger cover)     18. Get Out Of Denver (Bob Seger cover)