George Lynch and company landed at The Token Lounge for a night of hard rock along with Detroit’s own Dead In 5 plus Throttle, Miles Beyond, and Most Wanted.

03-Jun-2016: Most Wanted opened the night. They have enjoyed a steady two-decade career as hard working rockers, releasing five original full-length recordings, and touring regularly. Their music is a no-frills straight up hard rock that gets straight to the point.

But they are anything but simplistic; their original material has catchy rhythms and complex hooks. Some are aggressive, some are party tunes, and some more introspective; but always with feeling. Punchy guitars, rich bass, and drums that knock you over provide the backdrop to soaring vocals.

Most Wanted, hailing from Detroit, is Mark Hiser (vocals/guitar), Mike Sabol (bass), Greg (drums), and Charlie Block (guitar).

Miles Beyond hit the stage next. With songs titled “Tales of Old” and “A Call to Odin,” it’s clear that these guys take inspiration from the high-octane feel of power metal and Norse mythology, molding into their own unique sound.

This band has toured the U.S. and Europe with major international acts such as Saxon, W.A.S.P., Anthrax, Danzig, Metal Church, Blind Guardian, Twisted Sister, and Iced Earth.

Each member is passionate and extraordinarily talented. Tim Moody’s theatrical voice radiated across the room, erupting in epic screams that are rarely heard today. Hi vocals are set against high-energy guitars and pounding bass and drums.

Miles Beyond is reminiscent of Iron Maiden, which is evident in their song “Take Me Back Home.” They are an incredible live band that reinvigorate old school metal.

This power metal band from Flint, Michigan is Tim Moody (vocals/guitar), Paul Owsinski (guitar), Larry Moody (bass), and Tod Fisher (drums).

Number three on the bill was Throttle. This band, formed in 2013, has a classic 80s rock swagger to them, with plenty of attitude. Their music is abrasive, attitude-driven hard rock in the vein of Fastway or April Wine. Frontman Mark Salvaggio sings with a screech and snarl that hearkens back to Skid Row.

The band pumped out favorites like “Lite It Up,” “Fire Roar,” and “Modern Day Cowboy” amping up the packed in crowd. They closed with “Backlash,” and the crowd was loving it headbanging, pumping fists in the air, and flashing their horns.

Throttle is from Dearborn Heights, Michigan. Their lineup is Mark Salvaggio (vocals), Jefro Mur (guitar), Mark Turner (drums), Kevin Polderdyke (bass), and Jeremy Ledford (guitar).

Dead in 5 followed, swooping right into “Burn My Eyes” off their self-titled album. This band is a Detroit staple and favorite. They are a blistering mash up of rock, thrash, and punk that serves up a wallop of ass-kickery courtesy of a furious pace and enormous charisma.

Since their debut in 2013, Dead in 5 has headlined Metro Detroit’s top venues and festivals, in addition to support slots for national acts like Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, Butcher Babies, John 5, Hell Yeah, and more. They have also released four albums and are working on another.

This band loves each other, their fans, and their music; you can’t fake this kind of passion they display on stage.

Vocalist Robert Libres sings with a dark and gritty voice capable of hitting earth-shattering screams. The guy is a vocal dynamo, killing his performance this night even though we learned he was suffering from bronchitis. You would have never known if he hadn’t pointed it out.

Their set was full of favorites like “Let’s Get the Party Started,” “Silver,” “Black Friday Holiday,” and more, as well as teasing us with some from their not yet released album, Automatic Death Machine.

Dead in 5 will be returning to HogRock, the three-day biker festival helo in Cave in Rock, Illinois performing June 10 and 11.

The guys describe themselves as “Tequila soaked, outlaw rockers” whose lineup includes Robert Libres (vocals), Brent Hall (guitar), Dana Forrester (bass), Peder Seglund (guitar), and James Trunko (drums).

And finally, with the crowd bursting at the seams, the curtains opened and Lynch Mob charged the stage and immediately launched into “21st Century Man.”

With the band’s lineup going through so many changes during their 27-year history, it was great for the fans to experience the core of Lynch Mob back together with George Lynch and original vocalist, Oni Logan, who returned in 2014.

The crowd loved hearing their favorite songs. They danced, shouted, screamed, and waved arms in the air, just generally “rocking out.”

Lynch Mob played a healthy mix of Dokken tunes, such as “Into The Fire,” “The Hunter,” and “When Heaven Comes Down,” and their originals “River of Love,” “She’s Evil But She’s Mine,” “Hell Child,” “Believers Of The Day,” “Testify,” and “The Hunter.”

While both Logan and Lynch are great talents in fields, they still rely on the solid rhythm section of Sean McNabb and Jimmy D’Anda.

They wrapped their set with die-hard favorites, Dokken’s “Mr. Scary,” and the title track from Lynch Mob’s first album, “Wicked Sensation.”

With a continuing US summer tour, culminating in the Monsters of Rock Cruise, these guys are back with a fire that isn’t going out anytime soon.

Their album, Sun Red Sun, is available at their website.


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