A large and adoring crowd gathered in Fort Wayne for the last night of 10 Years’ The Birth to Burial Tour.

By the time 10 Years took the stage at Piere’s Entertainment Center, the crowd was stoked and ready.  They had already been treated to The Glorious Sons and Otherwise. The Glorious Sons are from Ontario and are on their first US Tour. They have an amazing sound reminiscent of a harder version of the Wild Feathers. They are a bit folksy, a bit bluesy, in a mix of rock. Hearing them end the set with their song “Mama,” punctuated with the harmonica, was a treat. They absolutely impressed the crowd and the buzz about them could be heard during the breaks. They could be seen hanging around the crowd for the remainder of the show and were real and genuine.

Otherwise revved up the crowd and got them moving. Their hard rock sound fit perfectly for the night and the crowd ate it up. Lead Singer Adrian Patrick is fun to watch on stage with his energy and theatrical presence. They were joined on stage by Luminoth and The Glorious Sons for the last song of their set, a hard and tight version of “Soldiers.” They are touring in support of their album, Peace At All Costs

10 Years played to a more than ready crowd and tore it up. Their no nonsense set was just what the fans expected. This alternative rock band that hails from Knoxville, TN work well together like a well oiled machine. Their guitar hooks are melodic and unique. The lead vocals are interesting and smart. The crowd was treated to an emotionally charged night due to it being the end of the tour. Before the encore, 10 Years were joined on stage by the other bands on the tour. Their long set was well received and most appreciated.

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