Powerfest Pre-Show featuring Automaton at the Backstage Cafe with Ford Theatre Reunion, Tinderbox Circus Sideshow, Stagecoach Inferno and Siegelord.

Opening the evening was Cincinnati-based Blackened Epic metal group Siegelord who unleashed their fury on the Backstage Café to a very willing group in attendance. Their music was hard, fast and dark, combined with a great stage presence they started the evening off in a great way!  Siegelord is Sieven: Drums, Ulfr: Vocals, Warg: Bass, Therod: Guitar

Next to take the stage was Louisville’s own Stagecoach Inferno and their Wild West heavy metal.  Their more than 30-minute set included songs Ol’ Soulbelcher”, “Black Blizzard,” and “How the West Was One”. Their songs include hard driving heavy bass chords, raging  guitar riffs and hard hitting vocals.  There was barely room by the stage as those in attendance were really crowding the stage, Singing along with devil horns in the air.  It was a great set of original music and a blast to experience! Stagecoach Inferno is Hunter Correll – Bass/Vocals, Brennan Ray – Guitar/Vocals, Stephen Casciato – Guitar and Thom Hammerheart – Drums

Tinderbox Circus Sideshow, one of the last remaining “ten-in-ones” in the country was next to perform. Led by Captain Darron von Awesome (The Existential Extraordinaire & Pain-Proof Man) and Trashique (The Burlesque Anomaly & Mistress of Lift) along with Devereaux Dollface and #Tucky their performance both amazed and defied logic as they hammered 14” nails into their head, tightened a Zip tie around Miss Trashique’s waist to an impossible slim girth, walked on a bucket full of broken glass and played a Johnny Cash song with a mousetrap and a bear trap attached to themselves. It sure was something to see.

The penultimate group of the evening was Lexington, Kentucky’s own Ford Theatre Reunion.  This 5 member band really pumped up the energy in the room with a super energetic set of original music that the stage could barely contain. It’s not often you see an accordion and a clarinet in a music show, but they rocked them like none other. Their eclectic music was very well received those in attendance were singing and jumping right along with the group during their set. Unfortunately, their set was cut a little short due to time constraints. Members: Joe Harbison: banjo, guitar, vocals Luke Harrington: bass Alex Johns: clarinet, keyboards, vocals Eric Myers: accordion, vocals Will Chewning: percussion

Headlining the Powerfest Pre-Show was Cincinnati’s own Steampunk metal band Automaton. Dressed in steampunk themed costumes and featuring powerful and original melodic songs their high energy set was outstanding. With those in the venue all crammed up at the front of the stage, Automation was really firing on all cylinders and those in the crowd were having a great time.  Unfortunately, their set was cut a little short due to time constraints.  Automaton is Duncan Batchworth III – the ship benefactor – Vocals Captain Luther Meade – Guitars Mechanic James O’Brian – Drums Isaac Grimwood (stowaway) – Bass Professor Markus Wolverhampton – Guitars

Tonite’s Pre-show was a great lead-up to Powerfest IV which will be held at the Madison Theater in Covington, KY  on January 23rd  showcasing some of the best bands in the region.  The announced line-up will be Headliner Automaton along with Siegelord, Lords of the Trident, Zephaniah and Solar Flare.

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