Richard Ashcroft brought his six-night North America tour to the House of Blues, Chicago. 

Richard Ashcroft took to the stage donning a t-shirt emblazoned with some of his most famous song lyrics. Performing a compilation of songs from his new album, These People, as well as a selection of songs from his days as part of The Verve, he had the full backing of the audience from the first to the very last note.  

The new material was very well received, with the audience passionately singing along. With fists in the air, the atmosphere was electric. The fans even managed to take it up a notch during the performances of The Verve classics “Sonnet” and “Lucky Man”. The House of Blues, of course, reached fever pitch when the set was rounded out with the ever popular “Bitter Sweet Symphony”.

It’s clear that Ashcroft still has “it”. Whilst people often travel to other cities to see their favorite artists, tonight’s show had impressively drawn a woman all the way from Japan, earning her the privilege of having a song dedicated to her.

Having taken a step back from the music industry to spend time raising his family, Ashcroft is back and it’s like he’s never been away. His voice is as strong as ever and, with the backing of an exceptional band, he owned the stage at the House of Blues. 

Music often has the magical ability to transport you back to the time when you first heard it and never has this been more true than when hearing songs from the multi-million selling Urban Hymns.  Looking at the make-up of the audience on Thursday, its a certainty that some of the tunes will have mystically taken them back in their mind to the nineties and their awkward teenage years.

Ashcroft took time between the songs to thank the audience for coming out after all of these years and the audience vociferously thanked him for being back in return. Whilst he came across as being slightly uncomfortable with the speaking part of the night, his thoughts are that those who spend time entertaining the audience between songs with banter, often don’t write the best material. Clearly, songwriting has never been an issue for Ashcroft.  

It might be a brief tour this side of the water, but he is certainly making waves. With just a few select dates left before heading back to Europe, be sure to catch him while you can. 

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Event Date: 30-MAR-2017

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