Incubus and Deftones dominated the stage on a perfect night for a rock show in Michigan.

The weather cooled down and a light breeze kept the growing crowd fresh as they waited for Deftones, and later Incubus, to take the stage. The last time Incubus and Deftones toured together was 15 years ago when the performance order was reversed. For this show, it meant a highly energetic Deftones followed by the more mellow, but infectiously entertaining Incubus. This show also happened to be the kickoff to their 18-city US summer tour, so both bands were ripe for a great night.

The Deftones’ set was a blazing, high-energy 17 songs including the rarely played “Needles and Pins,” “Beware,” and “When Girls Telephone Boys,” and hits like “My Own Summer (Shove It),” “Swerve City,” and “Charge (In the House of Flies).” Lead singer Chino Moreno was contagiously wild and energetic throughout the show; running around the stage, swinging his mic, and screaming the lyrics in typical Moreno fashion. The crowd was eating up the high octane performance which fueled them through the 30 minutes break while waiting for Incubus to come on stage.

Incubus is always an amazing experience. The atmosphere they create is impossible to resist. Brandon Boyd is one of the best frontmen in rock and roll. His frantic dancing, dynamic vocals, weird glowing-eyed mask, and eventual lack of shirt (in this case not until 2/3 of the way through the 18-song set) were a mesmerizing blend. Incubus played many of their biggest hits, including the show opener “Wish You Were Here,” “Anna Molly,” “Sick Sad Little Word,” “Pardon Me,” “Megalomaniac,” and “Drive” during the encore. They also played 3 songs from their new EP, including the live debut of “Make Out Party.” The crowd was eating out of their hands the whole show, singing and dancing along to nearly every song and standing the entire time.

This was a high-quality show that did not disappoint, even after having seen Deftones once before and Incubus many times. Both bands are incredible live and look forward to the chance to see these bands again in the future.

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