Adam Lambert promoted his latest album, The Original High, by making an appearance in New York on June 19th.

Adam Lambert, known for being the Season 8 American Idol runner-up, performed his newest single “Ghost Town,” along with two more songs that aired live, “The Original High” and “Whataya Want From Me.” He also sang an extra song off his latest album which didn’t air live, “Evil In The Night,” for all the fans who made it in person to the show.

While standing in the pit waiting for the show, anyone can realize that Adam’s fans (known as Glamberts) were truly dedicated. Many of the people were dressed in Adam Lambert merch from past tours or they made themselves as they waited for sound-check to begin.

During the band’s soundcheck, the band played an instrumental version of “Ghost Town” and the Glamberts instantly began to sing the lyrics to the track. When Adam finally took the stage for his portion of sound-check, he made a statement jokingly saying, “I’m not going to give you everything yet.” But even during sound-check, he sounded extremely amazing.

When Adam took the stage for the on-air portion, fans realized what he meant by “… not going to give you everything yet.” He brought the energy and passion to an even higher level during this part of the performance as the catchy dance beat backed him up throughout each of the songs.

What makes Adam’s music so special is the meaning behind each of the songs. For example, the latest single “Ghost Town” is about the feeling that you lost something important to you, and not knowing if you’ll find that again, while the title track, “The Original High,” is about doing something, whatever it may be, for the first time and then trying to recapture that feeling.

There’s no doubt that Adam Lambert has a lot going for him this year with his third album, The Original High.

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