Unleashing their new music video ‘Between The Lines’ last week, Hamilton, ON’s hard hitting, heavy riffing melodic groove metal band Deathpoint are proud to announce guitarist Bill Elliot (Battlesoul), bassist Tiny Basstank (A Sin For A Prayer) and drummer Steve “The Animal” Mitchell (Burning the Day) to their touring line up.

“The band is extremely excited and pleased to have been able to assemble a solid line up of musicians for our upcoming headline shows. All three of these guys are great additions to our family and we have wanted to share the stage with each of them for a long time.” comments bassist Brad Gold.

Deathpoint will be performing upcoming show dates in London, ON on Feb 7th, Windsor, ON on Feb 8th and an Anti-Valentine’s Day show on Feb 14th in Guelph, ON with more to be announced in support of their latest album ‘Sinister’.

Upcoming Shows:
Feb 7, 2014 – The APK – London, ON – Show Details
Feb 8, 2014 – Canadian Anglo Club – Windsor, ON – Show Details
Feb 14, 2014 – Red Papaya – Guelph, ON – Show Details

Music Video – Between The Lines:


Deathpoint signed with Spread The Metal Records in April 2013 for distribution and released their sophomore album “Sinister” on October 1, 2013 debuting at #20 on CMJ Rock Radio charts. The band has been touring Ontario and Quebec aggressively and in early September 2013 the band performed at the Spread The Metal Festival in Toronto with Suffocation and Kittie among many others. Deathpoint will be pushing through Canadian tour dates in 2014, eager to not only experience the vastness of their home country but also do what they love the most –metal.

Album Stream: http://deathpoint.bandcamp.com/album/sinister

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/sinister/id664555324

Kill The 8 Merch – http://www.kt8merch.com/store/pages/21547

Sinister – Track Listing:
1. For Your Eyes Only 05:22
2. Between The Lines 03:53
3. Sinister 04:04
4. Sick, Sick, Sick 04:37
5. Remission 04:58
6. Entitled To Nothing 03:33
7. Condemned To Suffer 05:33
8. Lost Haven 04:19
9. Thirty Stitches 07:06

Deathpoint online:
Twitter: @DeathpointMetal
Instagram: http://instagram.com/deathpointmetal#
Soundcloud: Soundcloud.com/Deathpoint

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Deathpoint is a melodic groove metal band with a passion for persistence. What started out in bassist Brad Gold’s basement in 2005 when he was barely thirteen years old alongside childhood friend Cameron White on guitar, the band steadily grew into something promising. Drummer Mike Labate was introduced to the band by guitarist David Johnson. David left the band shortly after, leaving the trio of Brad, Cameron and Mike as an instrumental progressive metal band. Searching for a vocalist via Kijiji, Jonnie Barr was the next addition to the line-up. Deathpoint’s first show was in late 2007, and began playing regularly in the local scene. The desire for a second guitarist became apparent for harmonies and rhythms, and Mike Paling stood up to the task. Paling only stayed with the band for a very short period of time before they parted ways, leading to the addition of his replacement, Henry Joldersma – a high school friend of drummer Mike Labate.

Deathpoint released their debut album “Fixation” on May 7th 2010 and immediately began playing more shows alongside bands such as Threat Signal, Quo Vadis, The Agonist, Divine Heresy, and Moonspell. Shortly after “Fixation” was released, Cam White and Deathpoint parted ways due to a difference of priorities; with a very promising career ahead of him, White chose to pursue his education in computer engineering at the University of Waterloo. The band placed an ad on Kijiji once again, this time seeking a guitarist. Tim Ross responded, and it was clear he was man for the job. Brad, Mike, Henry, Jonnie and Tim released the band’s EP “Suffer” in August 2011.

The writing process for “Sinister” began within six months of releasing “Suffer,” and by August 2012 they began recording the new album. Jonnie Barr suffered a vocal cord injury which prevented him from performing and recording vocals, and Deathpoint decided it was time move on in another direction. The split was amicable in nature, as Jonnie was very understanding of the band’s desire to take the next step in driving forward. Jonnie and Deathpoint are still the best of friends; business did not get in the way of their strong brotherly bond. Frantically searching for a new vocalist to appear on the album, Tom Emmans of Odium offered his service for hire. After hearing the instrumental tracks and realizing the potential of what could be in store for Deathpoint, he immediately decided to join full-time.

Deathpoint is:
Brad Gold – Bass
Tom Emmans – Vocals
Tim Ross – Guitars

Deathpoint touring lineup:
Bill Elliot (Battlesoul) – Guitar, Bass
Tiny Basstank (A Sin For A Prayer) – Bass
Steve “The Animal” Mitchell – Drums

Photo Credit: Anna Sklavos