The bearded psychedelic/stoner rockers fly in from Germany to kick out the groovy and smokey jams as part of their World Tour.

A chilly Sunday evening may sway some folks from going to rock out. Though in the great American city of Chicago, concert goers know that a solid rock n’ roll show can be cherished regardless of on what day of the week it lands. And when a two-band lineup brings with it a smooth blend of Southern, Texas rock with German psychedelia, enthusiastic rockers filled the Wicker Park venue.

The Well, hailing from Austin, Texas, pulled no punches with its rolling grooves, chopping drums, and haunting double vocals of bassist, Lisa Alley, and guitarist, Ian Graham. Alley’s fingers swim along the neck of her Rickenbacker with technical fluidity and soulful spirit while Graham drives the rocking rhythm and stonerific solos. Drummer Jason Sullivan pounds and crashes on the kit, adding thunder and swing. The band is currently touring on the wings of its debut LP, Samsara (2014).

Immediately thereafter, Kadavar, the German three-piece of long-haired beardos, took to the stage with immediate jamming delight. The band played tracks like “Black Sun” and “Goddess of the Dawn” off of their self-titled debut (2012) as well as “Doomsday Machine” and “Come Back to Life” off of their 2013 LP, Abra Kadavar, and finally, “Lord of the Sky” and “Pale Blue Eyes” off of their latest release via Nuclear Blast, Berlin.

Smoke and swinging locks filled the room. By the end of the transcendent performance, Chicago rockers left satisfied, centered, and ready to take on the week that lay ahead.

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