The release of the single is in advance of a new album being released on May 12.

Canadian punk and metal rockabilly band, Puttin’ On The Foil, has released a new single titled “Fishin’ Song.” The track comes as a sneak peek into Fired Up, Ready To Roll, their new album due to hit stores on May 12. Their music is fun and infectious extolling the virtues of blue-collar pursuits like drinking, partying, and having a good time.

As might be suspected, Puttin’ On The Foil is a bit on the slapstick side of serious. Their name comes from the hockey movie Slapshot, where the three Hanson brothers covered their fists in foil before a game. When asked by the coach what were they doing, came their reply, “Puttin’ On The foil.”

Puttin’ On The Foil is Trayne Rekk (bass/vocals), TimTim (guitar/vocals), and Jordan Stubbs (drums). Formed in 2011, the band has displayed a hard-working ethic, logging over 130 shows across Canada just last year. The band will launch a new tour with 14 dates in May across Alberta and British Columbia in support of their new album.

Puttin’ On The Foil
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