He Is Legend brought hard and heavy rock to The Pike Room, along with Must Be The Holy Ghost, Wolfshark, The Worst Of, and Echo of Silence.

Echo of Silence opened the night. This four-piece heavy metalcore band from Detroit consists of Eli Reams (vocals), William Wilson (guitar), Aaron Manson (guitar), Jabrail Davenport (bass), and John Propp (drums). Eli shined with his guttural lows which made him seem to be so angry that he’d be ready to tear the venue apart. He spent a lot of time on the floor with the crowd and even joined in a mosh pit as he performed. At one point, the entire band joined him on the floor, getting the show right into the crowd’s faces. With bass holding down the heavy sound, dizzying guitar swelling, and furious drumming, this band threw night into a frenzy of energy. They are planning to release their first EP soon and are performing all over the Metro Detroit area now.

The Worst Of took the stage next. This hard rock five-piece from Detroit consists of Noel (vocals), Paul (guitar), Justin (guitar), Dave (drums), and Dustin (bass). 2011 was the release of their first full album S.C.U.M (Street Cred’ n’ Ugly Music), followed by the EP Noise So Deafening released in mid 2013. This band excelled in combining catchy riffs with a dynamic song structure that got you grooving, and then built up and exploded with massive energy. The music was vicious but enjoyable. The relentless tempo never let up. The best way the audience could describe their stage show was pure chaos, jumping off speakers, heavy headbanging, and everyone running back and forth at full speed. This band performed like they were in an arena. With the power and ferocity they brought to the stage, fans can’t wait to see what they have planned for the future.

Wolfshark took the stage next. This party metal band from Detroit consists of Colin Guffey (vocals), Matthew Markey (guitar), Lucas Demers (bass), and Shane Whitehead (drums). Their instruments and screams were heavy and made for some brutal breakdowns. Guffey’s singing/screaming dynamic was full of grit and intensity. Along with Whitehead’s heavy manic drumming, Markey’s sweeping guitar, and Demers’ heavy bass keeping the chaos together, the band filled the crowd with rage and excitement. Their new single, “Fireproof ” is out now, and their new E.P. Finding Yourself will be coming early spring 2015.

Must Be The Holy Ghost came on stage next. This band is the latest vehicle for North Carolina’s longtime sonic traveler, Jared Draughon. Visual psych artist Evan Hawkins accompanied the set, using water and food coloring on an overhead projector in the crowd to create a live narrative bathed in swirling colors. Musically performing solo, Draughon layered electronic rhythms and drum loops with his thick guitar riffs and soaring vocals. His emotional vocals, often stacked in multiple harmonies, created a unique ethereal sound unheard of with most looped music. The one of a kind light show and the music almost fed off of each other, melding together to form an otherworldly adventure.

And finally, with the crowd packed to the front of the stage, He Is Legend took the stage. This rock band, formed in Wilmington, North Carolina, consists of Schuylar Croom (vocals), Denis Desloge (guitar/backing vocals), Sam Huff (drums), Adam Tanbouz (guitar), and Matty Williams (bass). As the band was about to start, the crowd started a chorus of “Happy Birthday” to Desloge. This band redefined itself with nearly every song, they jumped from retro rock to sludge/stoner rock to headbanging metal to southern rock. They combined influences from Rob Zombie, ZZ Top, Alice in Chains, Every Time I Die, and many more blended into their own brand of psychedelic hard rock.

Tied in with the bass pumping out groovy southern rhythms, psychedelic inspiring lead guitar riffs, and heavy hitting hard rock drum beats, vocalist Croom’s mesmerizing vocals jumped from smooth melodic to heavy yelling that threw the crowd into a frenzied party with everyone passionately singing along and fists pumping in the air. Their 2014 album Heavy Fruit is available on iTunes.

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