The video features stunning footage of the Alaskan wilderness as seen from a sled dog team musher (i.e.: driver).

The indie-folk band, Great Elk, have released a new music video for “Everything Falls Apart” from their latest album, Star Stuff. The video uses first-person footage of from a sled dog team shot by singer, Paul Basile, from his days as a musher in wild Alaska.

“Everything Falls Apart” packs heavy emotion in a soulful brew of folk guitar and haunting keys. The soul-weary sound fits perfectly with harsh yet awe-inspiring wilderness at the top of the world.

The album, Star Stuff, was released on June 31, 2015, and includes nine tracks with a total length of just over 35 minutes. The album is available at iTunes and Amazon.

Great Elk is Paul Basile, Patrick Hay (guitar), Bryan Trenis (keyboards), Tommy Harron (bass), and Bryan Bisordi (drums).

Great Elk
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