BlindSide Thunder delivers a new brand of rock n’ roll style in The Storm called Rebel Rock.

BlindSide Thunder is bringing a new genre into the rock n’ roll world with Rebel Rock, their mix of classic rock, blues, and metal gives life to the new genre. Front man, John E. Wilde, who coins himself “The Godfather of Rebel Rock,” delivers solid vocals to the bands riffs and rhythm. Their recent release, The Storm, is a feel good record reminiscent of the underground 80s rock and punk clubs, yet has that modern twist you would expect.

The album starts off with tunes like “Dream Girl,” “My Baby Loves To Dance,” and “She Wants Sex,” which delivers the electrifying rock that would echo through arenas and bars in years past. Song after song, you start to hear and understand there was a different type of musical element people longed to hear. The album brings an amazing and long overdue sound with the thunderous anthem, “Take Me Down,” and then takes the listener into the sexually driven, “Slow, Hard & Steady.”

The band, which is made up of four pros who wear there vests with their Rebel Rock insignia wherever they go. They are out to make a long lasting statement in this world of music diversity. The band consists of John E. Wilde Knapp (vocals/guitar), Dan “Double D” D’Alessio (bass), Mike “The Gunslinger” Green (guitar), and Jim “The Animal” Steel (drums).

The leader of the gang of rebel rockers is John E. Wilde, whose charismatic persona resonates to any audience, young or old. His wild rock n’ roll inner being rings throughout this album, with plenty of rhythmic techniques and grasping guitar romps. The audience definitely gets a sense of the wild front man in “Blue Agave” and “She Wants Sex,” which continues down the rock n’ roll path giving party goers that “good time rock n’ roll feeling.”

The Storm has received much global success, with nearly 100,000 likes on their Facebook page. However, BlindSide Thunder is not reinventing the music industry with this album. What they are doing is changing the meaning of the term, “rock is dead.”

The band is headed back to the studio, after a long road of touring, to finish their follow up album 100 Proof, which promises to lift John E. Wilde and BlindSide Thunder to the top of the rock charts. 2015 should be a good year for the band with their new album hitting the shelves and back on the road with a USA tour, as they have coined it, “The Rebel Revolution.”

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