Lauren from Harlow, a local Detroit band, gives National Rock Review a few minutes of her time before the local music scene scouting continues.

NRR: Tell me about the band, Harlow, and how did the name come about?
Lauren Harlow Weaver: Well, all four of us were in different bands at the time. Me and my husband, Kelly, wanted to start something on our own. We threw the idea around for about a year and then we met our guitar player Joe. We were at the 2013 DMA’s when Joe and I started taking, and I told him about me and Kelly starting our own band and that we were looking for other musicians. He got really excited and said that he would love to get together and brainstorm some ideas. Not long after that, we got together a few times and realized that we were all on the same page and looking for the same thing. So, we started looking for drummers and I had known Kevin from Shudder just in passing. He and Kelly got to talking one night at a show and he said he was down to jam. We all got together one night and things really clicked and kind of just took off from there.
NRR: Tell me in your words what your sound is for someone that might not have heard any of your songs before now.
Lauren Harlow Weaver: I always dread this question because I know for me, its really not something that I personally have ever heard before. I know that sounds cliché, but its true. I always tell people it sounds like Pink meets Pat Benetar but with more balls. We have played with some really heavy metal bands and people like it, and then we’ve played with softer rock bands and punk bands and everyone seems to really dig it.
NRR: What was the lastest release the band has come out with?
Lauren Harlow Weaver: We are actually working on our first full length album right now due out in the spring. We recorded a three song demo after we were together for a couple months and people have really been responding very positively to it so I can’t wait for them to hear the new album.
NRR: Is there a name for the album?
Lauren Harlow Weaver: We have one in mind but it’s not set in stone. As of right now, the working title is Shattered. We have a song that will be on the album called “Shattered” and it just seemed to kind of fit the whole overall “theme” and feel of the record.
NRR: Tell me how Harlow writes a song, is it one person or does the whole band help each song become complete?
Lauren Harlow Weaver: That’s my favorite part. Usually, Joe will start with a riff. Then he and Kevin will just start jamming it out and Kelly will join in. As they are doing that, I listen and start writing the lyrics and the melody. We write whole songs in a matter of a few hours and in certain cases, we’ll write them one night, jam it a few times the next, and play it that same weekend.
NRR: Kelly has been around the block a few times and you’re no rookie in the music world, give me your best Spinal Tap moment. Any ones that make you laugh everytime it gets brought up?
Lauren Harlow Weaver: Oh lord… well, there have been many interesting moments. Kevin’s pedals falling apart, Joe’s guitar cutting out, and stuff like that. I’ve hit myself in the teeth with my microphone quite a few times or I’ve hit my head on stuff when I get really into my stage show. But its all part of the live experience (laughing). There’s not really that “one moment” that I can think of. Oh, wait! I always wear Hearos earplugs on stage and I am notorious for losing them. So we were playing a show one night and I went out of the back door of the venue to smoke a cigarette. When I came back inside I took my earplugs out and I dropped one. I looked all over this little four foot by four foot section and couldn’t find it anywhere. Later that night, I tried to look for it again. I ended up finding it wedged into the door jam. They’re a silicone earplug so it must have bounced when I dropped it and it landed in the door jam. I couldn’t have done it again if I tried. So now every time I can’t find my Hearos, Kevin asks me if I checked the door (laughing).

“We’re so appreciative and thankful of all the love and support that everyone has given us in the short time that we’ve been Harlow.” ~ Lauren Harlow Weaver

NRR: If you got a phone call from band x’s manager that said hey, the band wants you guys to open for them, who is the group you drop everything to see that happen?
Lauren Harlow Weaver: There are quite a few. My number one would probably have to be Blue October. I’ve seen them every time they come to Detroit. I own every album they’ve ever written. I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from Justin Furstenfeld, the lead singer. He’s such an inspiration to me lyrically and musically and I owe a lot of my songs to that man. If they called tonight and asked us to go on tour or open for them, I wouldn’t even think twice to say “yes.”
NRR: I first saw you live at a festival we won’t mention. Summer isn’t that far away and you guys are just getting started for your current tour. What summer festival would you think fits your style the best and would be fun to play everyday of that tour?
Lauren Harlow Weaver: I would say Warped Tour I remember going to Warped Tour every year when I was younger and I had a blast every time. The bands have dramatically changed but I think that with the diversity of our music, we would be a good fit there.
NRR: I saw a post about how you might be already a bit homesick just starting out on tour, what do you do in between gigs to stay occupied?
Lauren Harlow Weaver: Drink…(laughing). Fortunately for me, my husband will be with me, so that would definitely ease any kind of homesick feelings. I love exploring new places. So, checking out some local hot spots would be on the agenda for sure…that and playing video games in the van (laughing).
NRR: What console holds your love and affection?
Lauren Harlow Weaver: As of lately, its been my Wii U. Any Zelda games and Super Smash Brothers usually will kill a few hours. I can’t wait for the new Zelda to come out.
NRR: What would really get to you guys more, having a fan do something so unexpected it inspired you guys to keep going or to find out that a song or kind words [from you] helped a fan get through a hard time?
Lauren Harlow Weaver: I would probably say the latter of the two. I know that for me, music has always gotten me through any kind of hard time that I’ve been through. To me, that is one of the biggest compliments in the world. To know that something you have written and dedicated yourself to has helped someone in some way is one of the greatest things that could happen.
NRR: For a smaller to medium sized band, how important is the merchandise table that always seems to be as far away as possible from the stage? (laughing)
Lauren Harlow Weaver: Well, funny that you bring that up actually. I’m looking for a new merch case as we speak (laughing). I think having merch is vital. Not only does it get the band’s name out there, it also gives your fans a chance to support you. I get compliments on our merch set up everywhere we go. We’ve been to shows where we are the only band that has even had merch and I don’t understand why. People love to wear your bands t-shirt or wristband and show how much they love your music. So why not give them the opportunity? We give out free stickers and buttons at all of our shows and people love it. Plus, it gives us a chance to make some extra cash to put gas in the van so we’re even able to go from state to state and share our music.
NRR: You guys are on reverbnation, how important are the social media sites as well as the music sites to get your sound out there and stay connected with fans?
Lauren Harlow Weaver: In this day and age, everything and pretty much everyone is connected to the internet. It has made reaching new audiences and people a lot more attainable. It has its drawbacks just like everything else, but the main thing is to make sure that you’re using it and utilizing it correctly. You don’t want to make it your main way of reaching out to people. The internet has also made it very easy to make life very in-personable so you need to make sure that you are working with different avenues as well and not just solely relying on Facebook to try to reach out to people. I think that it’s a great way to keep your fans informed of everything that you’re doing and it gets them involved at the same time. We are on pretty much any social media that’s out there (laughing).
NRR: If someone came across the band for the first time, would you want it to be live or off the new album after it drops?
Lauren Harlow Weaver: Tough call, I would probably say live first, though. There is a lot of energy and emotion that happens when we play our music live and I would want people to carry that with them when they listen to the record.
A few of their up coming shows are listed below. We would love to hear what you thought if you catch them live
Mar 08, 2015 ~ Diesel Concert Lounge ~ New Baltimore, MI
Mar 14, 2015 ~ 5th Quarter Lounge ~ Indianapolis, IN
May 02, 2015 ~ Simons After Dark ~ Allen Park, MI

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Diesel Concert Lounge
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Simons After Dark
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