High On Fire is back to awaken us from our mass psychosis with nine songs of glorious thunder on the album Luminiferous.

Luminiferous by High On Fire bristles with hot electric anticipation that sets your hair on end. The band has created some of their best work on this album. Each song reeks with perfection by bringing the listener an album that feels alive and invigorated.

The album opens with the churning miasma of “The Black Plot.” Matt Pike’s guitar propels the music with crushing intensity as he growls “Pick a side cause hell hounds are begging.” The sheer audacity of the playing by drummer Des Kensel and bassist Jeff Matz make this song phenomenal.

The riffs on the song “Carcosa” glow with primal vigor. The guitar and bass feel huge and dark with the weight of a blackened sun. High On Fire are the masters of the almighty riff with “The Sunless Year.” This song defines what it means to be heavy. Guitars roaring in the amber light of overdriven tube amps as the drum beats course against the membranes of your mind. In the midst of this you have Matt Pike howling “He’s been taking the acid, And hooked into the light, Pondering radio fillings, And arcane satellites.”


“The Falconist” is a wonderful mid-paced song that packs a vicious hook. The massive groove exposes the brilliant bass lines of Jeff Matz. His tone is broad and deep. The finishing touch to this song is the shimmering guitar solo that soars and dives in ecstasy.

Subtle psychedelic bass lines with an exotic guitar riff lead you to “The Cave.” The vocals have a great tremulous quality that adds to the dreamy vibe. This quickly gives a way to the booming chorus only to fade back into the misty shadows. The chord progressions in the mid-section and the chorus give you a grand and majestic feel.

ighOnFire-Luminiferous-AlbumArtworkTelling a story of the doom of all life in this world, the title track “Luminiferous” feels like the ultimate horror theme song. The impending doom is palpable with every chord and drum beat. The song accelerates as the judgement falls upon a chorus of wailing guitars.

The album closes with “The Lethal Chamber.” Packing all the density of a black hole that only High On Fire can muster, this song smothers you in chunky guitars and inexorable kick drum. The song slowly fades into the distance to end this incredible album.

High On Fire
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