It’s here at last. The eagerly awaited debut album from The Pearl Harts is released – and it was well worth the wait.

For those who have been following The Pearl Harts for the last three years, it is great to see the debut album come to fruition. Released on 23rd February after a successful Pledge Campaign, the album was produced and engineered by Tobin Jones at The Park Studios.

The Pearl Harts (guitarist/vocalist Kirsty Lowrey and drummer/vocalist Sara Leigh Shaw) are a feisty duo, and this comes across in the songs on Glitter And Spit. A collection of songs of life, love and hate, with traces of rock, blues, and punk mixed in to provide their own blend of hard-hitting music. An incendiary live act, the songs translate well on to the album format.

The album kicks off with old favourite “Black Blood”, which sets the tone for what is to come. “Go Hard” does exactly what it says on the tin – another firm favourite of the live set which converts well.

New single “The Rush” is another rocking number about someone (or something) getting into you and driving you to new places. It is followed by the single “Lara”, a great catchy song which will have you singing along.

The mood is slowed somewhat with “Bonfires” and “Lost In Time”, though both great songs none-the-less. Then it is back to the hard-hitting groove of “The Chief”, which sets the scene for the best track on the album – the always popular “Skeleton Made Of Diamonds”. The song has been re-worked slightly from the original version with extra guitar work and an extra drum fill, which is apparently Sara’s favourite.

It’s full speed ahead with rocking track “Hit The Bottle”, which edges back to the punk years in places. This is then followed by “Bless You”, with a great slower but still driving beat. The punk vibes continue in “Livings Done” before the soft then rocking rollercoaster mix of “Hurt” brings the album to an end.

It is a fantastic album, well mixed and put together, showing the range of the duo’s talents and song-writing abilities. Fantastic guitar riffs, great drums, and superb vocals abound.

Buy it. Put it in the car. Turn it up loud and have yourself a great drive.

The album is out now on cd, vinyl, and download from the band’s website, details below.

Also, if you can, catch them on the last couple of dates on their headline tour in March, or supporting Louise Distras around the country in April. Dates on the website.

The Pearl Harts
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