Gilby Clarke rocked Lucky Strike’s Soundcheck Live (Take 25) with a curated set featuring his personal influences, and a guest appearance from the great Kenny Aronoff.

07-Sep-2016: Since splitting off from Ultimate Jam Night, Lucky Strike’s Soundcheck Live has made a name for itself by twisting the jam night formula into something a little different. While the first set of the evening consists of the typical all-star jam, the night’s second set features one rock star curator each week who chooses the songs and brings along their personally selected special guests. It’s a welcome spin that shows off some of the headliner’s personality while still keeping things spontaneous.

Soundcheck Live is up to week 25, and this week’s headliner/curator was the one and only Gilby Clarke. If you only know of Gilby Clarke via his time in Guns N’ Roses, you are missing out on a lot of great rock n’ roll. His early stints in the criminally underrated 80s power pop band, Candy, and as frontman for Kill for Thrills preceded his GnR days. And then there has been Slash’s Snakebite, Col. Parker, Heart, MC5, Nancy Sinatra, Rockstar Supernova, and his classic solo records, which spawned two riff-heavy hits: “Tijuana Jail” and “Cure Me…Or Kill Me.”

Gilby’s set at Soundcheck Live focused on his influences, featuring his personal five favorite bands when he was growing up. He started off with a little Beatles with “Get Back,” and then added in the Rolling Stones with “Dead Flowers,” the latter which he covers on his debut solo album, Pawnshop Guitars. Then it was on to Bowie with “Diamond Dogs.”

Next up was “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” which he clarified was not because of the GnR association, but because of the song’s influence on him as part of the film, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.

He then brought up his guests, EJ Curse and Kenny Aronoff, along with Ferlazzo, and Lucky Strike’s own Barry Pointer, for Cheap Trick’s “Dream Police,” followed by his own hit, “Tijuana Jail.” They then finished off the set with a blistering rendition of the Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” featuring a killer drum solo from Aronoff.

Many consider Gilby one of the originators of the Jam Night scene, dating back to Trash in the 80s, and continuing with The Cat Club and Lucy’s 51, before heading over to Lucky Strike, where he co-founded Jam Night alongside Chuck Wright.

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