Not resting on their SXSW laurels, Lawless Hearts lets the next phase out slowly to show they are serious about taking over Hollywood and beyond.

This Jacksonville, FL five piece is Alex Marie (Vocals), Michael Thomas (Guitar), Justus Sutherland (Guitar), Rob Joseph (Bass), and Corey Ahlquist (Drums). As mentioned above, they have already conquered Austin, TX and toured Europe. Now Lawless Hearts is coming out with a new EP on Apr 21, 2015 entitled: Creatures Of Habit.


Track listing for: Creatures Of Habit (EP)

01. Creatures of Habit

02. If I Have To

03. Oblivion

04. Fallout


Alex’s vocals are clear and change by degrees for whatever she needs. Shades of Lita Ford, Paramore, and 80s hair bands of old in general can be heard. Michael and Justus play with great respect and timing with one another. Neither bleeds over the other and it shows lead and rhythm can still play nicely together. Rob fills out the axe brigade with his bass duties and truly shows why the instrument is such a needed piece in the band. On the semi acoustical song, “Fallout,” Corey exhibits his skill on the drum kit. Fast hits on the skins and not being afraid to hit the symbols while doing it made it a great listen.

Two currently scheduled shows are listed below. If you see them live or pick up the EP when it drops, please share with us what thought of either or both!

Apr 11, 2015 ~ Metropolitan Park ~ Jacksonville, FL
Jun 20, 2015 ~ Burro Bar ~ Jacksonville, FL



Since this is an EP and there are already plans to drop a full length album within the next year, when the full offering hits, we’ll go into more detail of a deeper review. But for now, this is a tasty tease of what that LP may sound like.

Lawless Hearts
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Burro Bar
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