British quartet Collateral are the latest band to emerge from the thriving New Wave of Classic Rock scene.

It’s fair to say that appearances can be deceiving. Upon first glance, you would maybe expect Collateral to sound like your average hair metal band. However, this Motley Crue are so much more than that.

After five years of honing their craft, Collateral recently released their new EP via Roulette Records. The 4 Shots! E.P. was recorded and mixed by Sean Kenny at Ten 21 Studios and mastered by Grammy nominee Robin Shmittz of 24-96 mastering in Germany. The release features the band’s new single “Midnight Queen” along with three other tracks.

The opening track of the EP “Going With The Wind” immediately grabs your interest. This atmospheric number has a sound which is deeply rooted in the ’90s. If you think about some the classic ballads from bands such as Whitesnake, Europe and Bon Jovi then you will be in the right ballpark.

Moving on, the slide fuelled “Angels Crying” follows in a similar manner. The track features some great vocal harmonies, and really showcases singer Angelo Tristan’s voice. Throughout the EP Collateral perfectly fuse together the use of acoustic and electric guitars, to great effect. You can almost visualise twinkling cell phone lights swaying in the crowd with this one, in particular. It will inevitably be a crowd pleaser when performed live.

“Waiting For You” starts with an emotive guitar solo, which has a hint of Adrian Vandenberg’s work with the ‘Snakes. The track is a melodic heartfelt love song, which starts slowly but picks up the pace towards the close with some blistering fretwork.

The last track on the EP “Midnight Queen” stands out as being a bit different from the rest, in that it has a slightly country-tinged undertone. Like each song on the EP, it is rich in hooks and very radio friendly. Despite the fact that “Midnight Queen” is the band’s current single each track on the 4 Shots! E.P is strong enough to follow suit.

The Cambridge English dictionary defines Collateral as ‘valuable property owned by someone who wants to borrow money’. On the strength of the band’s initial offering, it’s fair to say that they have got something valuable for sure, and they definitely deserve your money and your attention.

The 4 Shots! E.P. by Collateral is out now via Roulette Records.

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