BobbyBrown-DirtyRockerBoys-BookCoverThink back to your bedroom as a teenager with posters ripped from the pages of Metal Edge Magazine fixed upon the walls.  Now imagine being engaged to the hottest guy in the picture. Former Cherry Pie Girl and current star of Fuse TV’s “Ex Wives of Rock” Bobbie Brown doesn’t need to imagine anything because she has lived it.  And trust me you want to read about it!

In “Dirty Rocker Boys, Love and Lust on the Sunset Strip” Bobbie Brown, along with Author Caroline Ryder, dish up a well written, cohesive, and rarely told female version of life inside the early 90’s “Hair Metal” explosion that was the Hollywood, CA Sunset Strip.

Bobbies journey from Louisiana Beauty Queen to quintessential Hollywood Video Vixen will leave you teary eyed and enthralled.  “Dirty Rocker Boys” of course has all the Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll you’ve come to expect from a bio born of this era, but it also has the raw emotion and heartbreak you just don’t get from the guys.

Add to the mix an unplanned pregnancy, addiction, marriage, cheating, divorce, virtual career suicide, the quest for unbridled love, laughter, dancing, swampland voodoo magic, and unicorn sock puppets and you’ll be hard pressed to put this page turner down.

Prepare to be captivated by a cast of characters ranging from Jani Lane, Tommy Lee, and Dave Navarro to Leonardo Dicaprio, Kevin Costner, that one guy from Milli Vanilli, and everyone in between.

Even if you’ve been a little more naughty than nice this year go ahead and add this book to the top of your Christmas list!  You won’t be disappointed.


Kelly Geist