Go for it and tackle the heavy lifting in music. To hell with easy; drop a new video and start a European tour. That’s why Walls Of Jericho rock.

Detroit natives and Napalm Records artists, Walls Of Jericho, have dropped a hot new video and dates for a new run across the Pond. Candace Kucsulain (vocals), Chris Rawson (guitar), Mike Hasty (guitar), Dustin Schoenhofer (drums), and Aaron Ruby (bass) are continuing to give their latest offering, No One Can Save You From Yourself, as much in your face time as possible.

And now the shores of Great Britain are in the sights of the after starting off in Berlin, DE and working their way through a few more countries on the road to O2 in Kentish Town, UK. The band released a brand new music video just in time for the The Persistence Tour together with Suicidal Tendencies and Agnostic Front. If you’re going to do something, leave all the carnage in the pit you can, we say.

If you’re curious about the video and where it was shot, the band had this to say for the inquisitive mates out there. “We shot this over the summer of 2016 at With Full Force Festival as a headliner of the main stage. The band really wanted to show the world what our live shows are live no matter what stage we play big or small. Getting ready to support Suicidal Tendencies in 2017 brings us back to Europe in a large club setting and we can’t be more excited to see everyone up close and more personal.”

So, give this bad boy a listen if you like maddening riffing, downbeats, and huge breakdowns with unmatched aggression and integrity. Don’t make us mention how hard Candace goes all out live, we’d hate to trigger you into a safe space. After you rub a sore neck from watching the video, head over to Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you thought of the new footage.

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