Rick Thorne discusses “Play to Win” and his successful transition from action sports to music.

Rik Thorne is not new to rock and roll lifestyle. Extreme sports and music have always gone hand-in-hand. During Musink 2015, Rick sat down to discuss the logical, and sometimes chaotic, a transition from one focus to another.

Rick discusses the realities of making transitions. An important factor in Rick’s move from sports to music is that he isn’t a sports celebrity who just decided to sing; he instead fosters the inspiration he found in music for performing his sport to keep motivation going for his fans.

During the discussion, he elaborates on his passion for being true to one’s self while constantly re-evaluating his goals and the steps necessary to reach them.

Passion is obvious as he talks, and the motif is carried over to his album, Stay Rad, and the single, “Play to Win,” which has a new video. Check out the conversation from day two of Musink 2015.

Rick Thorne Interview

Visit Rick Thorne’s website to check out his video for “Play to Win.”

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