Jan 23 was a great day to make a concert announcement, and Rachel and Daniel Noble caught up with Tiny Bubz to learn about his new gig.

Anthony “Tiny Bubz” Biuso never rests. He is a host on Sullen TV’s Tiny Talk and has played drums with bands such as The Dickies, The Cadillac Tramps, The X Members, TSOL, Hed PE, and Rick Thorne. While at NAMM, he broke news about his role as drummer in the upcoming Abominator Tour with Doyle. The 2014 Abominator Tour was a huge success as the Doyle crew shredded their way across the US, and the 2015 tour starts as soon as March at Muncheez in West Virginia.

Check out the impromptu interview after the Nobles crossed paths with Tiny Bubz chatting up his fans at the Crush Drums booth at NAMM 2015.

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