Help nurture the festival you started turn two while trying to manage the supply of beef jerky you have on tour, must be Forbidden Outcome.

Quarry Fest 2015 is a quaint little gathering on the grounds of, yup you guessed it, a quarry in Perrysburg, OH. The Clearwater Quarry is now just a giant swimming pool, but back in the day it hosted some pretty big names, musically. Forbidden Outcome, being the big-hearted, lovable, little furballs of metal wickedness that they are, figured, hey, let’s bring that shit back but with some really cool bands. So, we got a few minutes of their time and asked the truly hard questions, and talked about beef jerky. But, hey, you know the Macho Man commercials are still better then the Sasquatch ones, just saying.

NRR: You guys are from the Toledo area and have the home field advantage. What’s been going on with the band in the last year?
Forbidden Outcome: Well, we have changed a few members as well as wrote a bunch of new songs. We also have had a chance to play with some great national bands like Misfits, Mushroomhead, hed PE, and Pop Evil.. it’s been a learning experience for us all as we grow. We look forward to the future.
NRR: Hopefully you guys have a great time on stage to close out this strange summer. Are you looking forward to anything in particular at Quarry Fest 2015?
Forbidden Outcome: It’s a great relax spot. It’s a local hidden paradise, bands played there back in the day. The stage has had some class acts on that concrete stage back in the day. Bob Seger played there in the 70s. We revived the live music there and it’s a great feeling knowing future generations will be able to know the history of it. Quarry Fest 2015 is really for the fans; without all them none of the bands playing would be anywhere. So this is a way of showing them appreciation. We had an idea of how awesome it would be to play there and we ran with it last year, the first Quarry Fest was on the same day as the dreaded Toledo water crisis, so the attendance suffered a wee bit.. but none the less every band brought their A-game and everyone had a blast.
NRR: How does a band like Forbidden Outcome see the future of Quarry Fest since you have a good deal to do with it the first two years of its run?
Forbidden Outcome: We are really looking to try and get this to grow into something like some of the other big named fests. We want everyone to be able to enjoy it. It’s a great place for families or for individuals wanting a good time. We hope our idea helps keep the quarry open for years to come.
NRR: Talk to me about the band; how did you guys come together, anything special behind your name, etc?
Forbidden Outcome: Well, Mark, Dave, John, and Jeremy (Fabio), the original members, put about 2000 names in a hat to randomly come up with the name, long story short no names fit so it was determined a forbidden outcome, the name stayed.. after a few changes in the band the final lineup is Mark (Vocals), John (Bass), Jayson (Drums), and Jeremydoh (Guitar)…
NRR: Do you guys currently have any albums out or about to drop and if so either way, what can you tell me about it?
Forbidden Outcome: We recorded a four song demo at Soundspot Studios on Fern Dr early last winter. You can check it out on our website, but as of recent we’ve come up with more songs and plan on recording this winter.
NRR: What can we expect from Forbidden Outcome in the coming days after Quarry Fest is again eagerly awaited to, hopefully, come around again in 2016?
Forbidden Outcome: Well, we plan on doing some more out of town shows and getting our name out to the tri-state area, and start recording for our album.
NRR: What are some of the influences that help you guys get your own vibe musically and have you gotten a chance to share the stage with any of them yet?
Forbidden Outcome: All our influences differ, we, no bullshit, are four total different walks of life. Each of our influences is different, some of Mark’s are Slipknot, Tool, among others. John’s are RHCP, Mushroomhead, Rob Trujillo, Paul Grey, Geddy Lee etc.. Jayson’s are Mick Currier, Avenge Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment. Jeremy Doh’s range from Bob Seger and Tom Petty to Cannibal Corpse and Dying Fetus. Mark and John have had the chance to play with Mushroomhead twice.

Forbidden Outcome at Headliners

NRR: How important is selling merch for a band like Forbidden Outcome at a show like this, and who comes up with the most impressive items to sell?
Forbidden Outcome: Even though a majority of our shows are local, it’s important for us to sell merch for gas to out of town shows. Our drummer, Jayson, actually makes all of our shirts and that helps cut the cost, we generally have a consensus vote everything band related.
NRR: For anyone that might not have seen you perform before, what can they expect to get from your set on stage?
Forbidden Outcome: Confusion, disorder, chaos… it’s a Forbidden Outcome, (laughing). You never know with us.
NRR: On the road, what’s the one thing the band will fight to the death over for the last whatever? Beer, burger, shower ticket, etc, (laughing)?
Forbidden Outcome: We have a serious love for beef jerky… the ultimate food from the gods. The last beef jerky is always a battle royal [for it].

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