Underground pop musician and copywriter Luke Leighfield took time to talk with NRR following the release of his album V earlier this year.

The UK-based artist recorded his fifth album in Cleveland in Spring 2014 and released the 12 tracks in March 2015.

“I took a bit of a break (from music). The songs got written over a two-year period, but I wasn’t really sure I would ever record again. I’d grown really tired of music,” said Leighfield. “This album came together really quickly at a time I wasn’t even sure it was going to get written.”

Leighfield said he created a KickStarter and turned to fans and friends to fund the tour. Crowdsourced funding was new to Leighfield as KickStarter only accepted American-based projects at the time.

“This was the first time I’ve down (crowd source funding) properly,” said Leighfield. “I think a lot of people see this funding as a gimmick, but I don’t…I’ve always relied on my fans in all kinds of ways…I think I have that grassroots connection with (fans). Turning to crowd funding is logical for me…I involved people and made them part of the conversation. It does more than bring in money.”

Aside from how he funded the album, Leighfield also spoke about the V’s content and sound.

“It’s got a pop-rock vibe…It sounds more like a rock band,” Leighfield said. “I tried to keep it simple by using less chords. I tried to do more with less, and I think it gives the record more of a classic pop sound.”

Leighfield collaborated with members of the Cleveland Symphony. A Cleveland cello player is featured on the album.

“This guy was amazing. You can just sing something to him, and he can play it,” Leighfield said. “There are no limits with guys like this. His cello playing was amazing, and it sounds great.”

The album was self-produced through Leighfield’s label Got Got Need Records and professional labels in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The album is available worldwide via iTunes.

Tune into the interview to hear about Leighfield’s music, funding and unique party trick.


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