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Molly (Vocals), LoriCat (Drums), KimiKat (Guitar), Little Lisa (Bass Guitar), and Baby Snax (Keys) aren’t your normal breed of band, in this case, Catfight. Not often do we see stories on National Rock Review for bands that are playing Bruno Mars, Icona Pop, and One Republic, to classic favorites by Prince, AC/DC, and Queen. There’s certainly something for everyone from Chi-town’s premier cover band.

National Rock Review managed to grab the attention of Little Lisa away from sharpening her nails on the scratching post to give us a few minutes of her time. We talk about the differences of original material bands versus cover bands, beer and pizza, a few more minutes in a beer related story, and a pub where they serve beer. Yes, these kitties can rock and probably out drink you while keeping a four four rhythm. Enjoy her interview as much as we did.

NRR: Tell me about the band. How did you guys get together and why pick Catfight for the band name?
Lisa K: We started off in a small Irish pub in Palatine, IL. Playing a weekly gig there for years. Since it was going to be an all girl band we figured what’s better than a catfight? We were totally not those kinds of girls, (laughing). It was pretty funny to us.
NRR: Makes perfect sense to me. You’re known for being a great cover band. As artists, is that enough for you?
Lisa K: That’s pretty awesome! What else could we ask for?
NRR: How does the band decide what songs to cover and is the goal to stay as true as possible to the original or is the fun part tinkering with a song and making it yours?
Lisa K: We pick songs everyone knows and likes. We have fun with songs and make them our own. Not at all concerned about replicating the music, just representing it.
NRR: Do you write original Catfight material and if not, is there any definitive reason to that decision?

Catfight Promo

Lisa K: We are a party band, it’s easier to play in front of people you don’t know and make them happy. Original music has never been part of what we do. It would totally change the fun factor.
NRR: Okay, I can respect that. Is it just as hard for you as a band to book gigs, or is it a little easier because you play songs a greater number of people may already like?
Lisa K: It’s easier to book shows being a cover band for sure.
NRR: Would you be ok with being described by a fan as Chicago’s version of an all female Steel Panther or would go you go a different route?
Lisa K: (Laughing), I love it, I wish we were that cool! Maybe it’s something we should shoot for.
NRR: As long as I can make that poster, the marketing strategy is yours. Do you believe social activism is ok for bands or does the risk of alienation with other segments of a fan base make it more of a wise business decision to just stick to playing music the better option?
Lisa K: I think that feeds into the original music scene more than the cover band scene. We don’t get that serious.
NRR: I can respect that and am glad to see fun is your biggest worry. What has been one or two of the more difficult lessons the band has had to learn since you started out?
Lisa K: Wow, have to think about that…
NRR: Sorry, I’ve been doing a lot of interviews lately, (laughing). If there was a moment that thinking back on it now in the band’s career that can’t help but still make you a tad embarrassed, laugh despite yourself, or just make you shake your head in disbelief? A Spinal Tap moment if you will, that you’d be willing to share with me?
Lisa K: Probably the numerous times we ended up running around in our underwear on stage. Mid-song one of the girls fell down backwards on the drum set while playing, the bouncer picked her up off the set, we did not stop and she did not miss a note, yeah she was a little drunk. Woops!
NRR: Are you playing near Detroit any time soon, my boss would like to know? Anyways, if band X’s management called you to say the guys want you for a US leg spot, who gets you to drop everything to make that offer happen?
Lisa K: Probably not, we all have other bands and projects. I don’t think a tour would do much for us as a cover band.
NRR: You know who and what your band is, that’s a great thing for any band. After a really killer show, is there a particularly decadent treat the band might partake in to celebrate with afterwards?
Lisa K: Pizza and beer!
NRR: Is there an unwelcomed guest that if found in the green room or anywhere in the venue, that only a cleansing of fire will be enough before you can play without worry, (laughing)? For me, I see a cockroach, and I’m out.
Lisa K: Not sure much would make us worry too much during the show.


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