Families suffer quietly from the epidemic of domestic abuse. Chad Gray from HELLYEAH knows this all too well.

A young boy sat in his room with a small cassette recorder pressed to his ear. He was trying to drown out the sounds of the hell that surrounds him. Rock music became his escape. It was the only thing that made him feel like he belonged somewhere. Isolated and afraid, he tried to stay out of the way.

The wrath that could ensue if he was to even get a drink of water was vicious. The childhood he lived shaped the man he became. Luckily for rock music fans, he became Chad Gray from HELLYEAH. Chad, a survivor of domestic abuse, is now reaching out to other victims to make sure they know they are not alone.


Chad agreed to an interview about his life and the song “Hush” during the Auburn, WA stop of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. Chad has opened up to his fans, who he refers to as family, and let them in on the very personal experience of what life was like for him growing up. Living in poverty, born to a teen mother who married an abusive man, Chad’s childhood was very difficult.

Chad spoke freely, and openly, and at length about his past. The conversation came very easily with no prepared questions. Perhaps the conversation was so natural due to similar childhoods, or perhaps it was just because he is one of the most down to earth people anyone could ever meet.

Interview with Chad Gray of HELLYEAH

Chad became involved with the NOMORE.org after former Baltimore Ravens football player Ray Rice brutally assaulted his fiancé Janay Palmer in February of 2014. After writing the song “Hush,” he felt that it was time for him to speak out, and NOMORE.org was there to help. Chad launched his own campaign at Indiegogo.com called “HUSHNOMORE” to help benefit the NOMORE organization.


The campaign raised over $12,000 in just one month. His main aim is to make sure that others know that they are not alone.  Others have been there, lived through it,  and made it out. The goal is to help fight domestic abuse, yet keep families together whenever possible. People keep the violence a secret out of fear of disrupting the home. Removing the stigma, and giving families the proper counseling or support can make all the difference. This may encourage more families to come forward, speak out, and seek help.

NOMORE.org provides assistance and education to people who are living in domestic violence and sexually abusive situations. The organization also calls others to action by asking that people speak out against, help fight, and prevent abuse from happening. With so many foundations needing assistance, there has never been one that could alter an individual’s outcome in life so much.

Please consider donating to the Indiegogo campaign in efforts to end domestic violence and sexual abuse. We can no longer stand by as silent witnesses to this terrible problem that affects so many families. Please listen to Chad’s personal story in his own words “HUSHNOMORE.”

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