Former Eyes of Noctum frontman Wes Cage, discusses a new solo album, his upcoming film and television projects, and his leap into the literary world.

Musician and actor Wes Cage may sound familiar, as his father is Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage, but make no mistake, Wes is a star in his own right.

From music and film, to martial arts, and a proficiency for gourmet cooking, Cage is making waves every way he turns.

Back in his teenage years, Cage fronted black metal band Eyes of Noctum, and although the project was well received, Cage felt he needed a solo project to fully realize his musical vision.

Achieving his vision through his new release Prehistoric Technology. The album, which dropped in January, is a dark musical of clean vocals, dark themes, and layers of orchestration. It even features ancient instruments such as the Greek bouzouki, which Cage has been playing for a few years now. Yet, with so many production elements on the album, it makes you wonder how Cage and his band would be able to recreate that sound on tour. “We will be playing along to backing tracks of the orchestration and the bouzouki, but I will have those instruments on hand,” Cage said.

In regards to this heavy music there wasn’t a label that fit. To remedy that, Cage went ahead and coined an entirely new genre of metal which he calls, “Ghost Metal.” When asked how he’d feel if others took hold of the genre Cage is emphatic, “I’d love it.”

Make no mistake, despite his unique upbringing, Cage is very much a musician and is meditative and trancelike in his recording and live performances. “I almost don’t even remember the experience. My head comes up, I see the audience, and the next thing I know it’s over. The performance takes hold of me. I am a vessel.” Yet, being that Cage is an actor as well, I was anxious to know if his stage persona is the real Weston Cage or just another role. “It’s me,” Cage said.

Outside of music, Cage is an accomplished actor with many projects in the pipeline. On this particular afternoon he was sporting a full beard, in contrast to his normally trimmed up look. Apparently, this is for an upcoming movie Cage is producing and starring along with his father Nicolas. “We’re going to be working on a movie that I co-wrote the story of. It takes place in 793-813, Scandinavia, it will be based on the Norsemen. It’s a movie that I’ve always wanted to do since I was 17 years old. And it’s finally coming to fruition.” A Viking movie, that explains the beard.

Although Cage is skilled in many forms of martial arts, for this role he is learning the art of sword fighting as well. Cage’s manager Tanya McCabe says, “We hope it to be a trilogy. So there will be a prequel and a sequel and we’re looking at turning this into 3D. We can’t say names of others, but we are sending out to A-list celebrities. An ensemble cast.” The title of the movie is still under wraps as well, but look for it to start production towards the end of this year.

As if a new album, a new movie, and his biggest role, as new father to seven-month-old Lucian isn’t enough, Cage is also starting work on his autobiography as well as co-authoring a children’s book with his father, Nicolas. The two have collaborated on comic books in the past, but this will be something entirely different. “It’ll be fun,” he said.

Interestingly, Cage is quite the gourmet cook, so why not throw that into the mix? Maybe a possible restaurant in the future? Perhaps. “A restaurant is something we have been thinking about,” Cage said. Seems nothing is off the table if it’s something that Weston is passionate about. There may even be a celebrity cooking show featuring Cage and well known guests around Christmas.

That’s a lot going on for sure, but with his beautiful wife Danielle in his corner, his beaming son Lucian in his arms, and the support of his father unwavering, I see nothing that could stop Weston Cage from fulfilling everything his heart desires.

Be sure to catch Weston live, with special guest Rudy Sarzo on bass, headlining Texas Rockfest, sponsored by Peavey, in Austin, Texas March 18-22.

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