The Winery Dogs are set to release a limited edition vinyl of Dog Years: Live in Santiago & Beyond 2013-2016.

Record Stor Day’s Black Friday is on November 24. To honor the occasion, The Winery Dogs are releasing a limited edition vinyl of their recently released Dog Years: Live In Santiago & Beyond 2013-2016. The vinyl will be available from independent record stores. It will consist of three red and white marble colored vinyl albums which will feature the live audio from the concert as well as the Dog Years EP.

Dog Years: Live In Santiago & Beyond 2013-2016 was originally released on August 4, and is a collection of live concert footage, music videos, and an EP of previously unreleased studio tracks. 

The standard two-disc edition includes one Blu-Ray disc of the 100-minute concert, eight music videos from both the band’s albums, and the Dog Years EP on CD. The special edition version includes a Blu-Ray disc, a DVD of the live concert material and eight music videos, the EP on CD and an additional two CDs of the live concert audio.

To find out which stores near you are participating in Record Store Day’s Black Friday, check here.

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