Yelawolf kicks off Love Story tour with an electric show in Detroit.

Yelawolf began his 2015 tour in Detroit in support of his latest release, Love Story. Wolf would best be described as a man of many genres. Having collaborated with artists from every genre including Kid Rock, Ed Sheeran, Travis Barker, Lil John, and Eminem who signed him to Shady Records in 2011. The new record and live show features a bit of rock, rap, country, and bluegrass. He does them all and does them well.

Growing up in Alabama, it is clear where he gets his southern roots. Those roots show more on this new album than on his other releases. Love Story is not a country record, or a rock record, or a rap record. It currently sits at number one on the Billboard Hip Hop album charts but has a little of everything. It’s hard to put a title on it, but there’s one thing that’s for sure; it’s 100% real and from the heart.

The show in Detroit began with the song “Outer Space,” the first track on Love Story. Just three songs in came “Good To Go,” a pure hip hop song though played live over bass and rock guitars along with his DJ. The set also featured pure rap songs “Pop The Trunk” and “Trunk Musik.” Those would be just part of the genres Wolf would cover in his 23-song set. His country/bluegrass roots showed through lyrically on the songs “Tennessee Love,” “Johnny Cash,” and “Whiskey In The Bottle.” His pop and rock roots were present in the songs “Let’s Roll” (which features Kid Rock), and “Best Friend” (which features Eminem).

The show neared its end with his lyrically powerful ballad, “American You.” A song whose chorus projects the perfect American child but whose verses tell another story. This song shows how far Yelawolf has progressed and why this new record is so good. As you listen, you can see the story that’s told, something a songwriter strives to reach. The show closed with “Fiddle Me This,” a song featuring just about everything in Wolfs arsenal, including that fiddle.

This new record and live-show are unique in today’s music. It’s not a rock artist mixing in a country song on his record, or a rapper doing a rock song. It’s Yelawolf being Yelawolf. It works and needs to be heard. Go to the show and take a listen. There will be songs you like and probably some you don’t. They should all be appreciated because just about everything is covered in the show, and covered well.

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