The Slackers hit The Brass Rail in Fort Wayne, IN on Monday, May 5 for a ‘Cinco de Slacker’ celebration, bringing with them the Green Room Rockers.

The Rockers are a ska and reggae band that is heavily drenched in blues and soul. They got the crowd moving and shaking. These guys hail from NW Indiana and have a fun stage presence. They dub themselves ‘Hoosier Homegrown’ and they absolutely had a flavor that the crowd really got into.

By the time The Slackers took the stage, the place was full of people ready to dance. The excitement was palpable. The Slackers hail from NYC and have been around for well over 20 years. This Hellcat Records staple has a unique sound that boasts ska, rocksteady, reggae, dub, soul and jazz. They have a gutsy and substantial sound coupled with gritty lyrics. They are well seasoned and amazing musicians all around.

This underground band has huge a cult following and this crowd was no different If you were not a fan going into this show you certainly were one going out. They have a stage presence that draws you in and makes you move. You cannot listen to The Slackers without a giant smile on your face and it is impossible to stand still. The Brass Rail is the perfect backdrop for them. Their saxophonist, Dave Hillyard, mentioned several times that they feel at home and are their best in a sweaty bar with a loud crowd. They certainly delivered. Vocalist and keyboardist, Vic Ruggiero played directly to the fans and asked several times for requests. They even delivered covers of Like A Virgin and Could You Be Loved.

Even after an amazing high energy set, they returned to the stage for another 20 minutes of encores. They certainly gave the crowd his or her money’s worth. ‘Cinco de Slacker’ at The Brass Rail was a night worth remembering.

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