Vintage Trouble lit up Vermont on the heels for a short stint in Canada.

Vintage Trouble played to a large crowd in a small venue in Vermont. The stage was small, but that didn’t stop Ty Taylor from using every inch of it to dance, thrust, and gyrate his way through the area. As always, the boys of Vintage Trouble put on a high energy show. Fans from all over the North East and Canada took advantage of this Saturday show and packed the place.

The band is so cohesive and works seamlessly together. They are truly a force to be reckoned with on stage and will not let you be still. The crowd was loud and appreciative as Vintage Trouble worked their way through the set.  Since the tour is promoting their acoustic album, The Swing House Acoustic Sessions, one would think this show would be a bit tame. And one would be wrong! It is their usual high-energy rock and soul set full of electricity with a quality acoustic set in the middle.

The songs are driven by the impeccable talent of Richard Danielson on drums. His talent is smooth and seems effortless. Nalle Colt on guitar and Rick Barrio Dill on bass add the flavor and sexy soul to each song. Ty Taylor’s impeccable voice never lets you down with its larger than life sound.

It is well worth the time and money to catch Vintage Trouble live. They have unlimited talent and the enthusiasm to match.

Vintage Trouble
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