Highlights of week twenty three included a “Roundabout” tribute to Chris Squire, Lukas Rossi’s “Rebel Yell,” Jason Joseph’s “Purple Rain,” and the return of Leif Garrett.

Ultimate Jam Night carried high rock-energy and entered its twenty third week with high momentum. The first set had a powerful start with the house band. Featuring Matt Starr, Chuck Wright, and Mitch Perry, the trio played Cheap Trick’s “Hello There.” Neil Turbin followed with “Wishing Well,” and then Betsy Bitch returned to Ultimate Jam Night with “Rock Candy.”

Storm Rhodes brought out blistering guitar licks for “Long Cool Woman,” and then Joe Retta showed off his insane pipes on “Rainbow in the Dark,” with Courtney Cox shredding on guitar.

Lukas Rossi from Rock Star Supernova made his Ultimate Jam Night debut with an jaw dropping performance on “Rebel Yell.” Then Ace Von Johnson came out to play guitar on “Bodies” alongside Lucky Lehrer and Johnny Martin, with Matt Starr on vocals.

The fabulous Kudisan Kai commanded the stage with “Cochise,” and “Baby Love,” Afterwards Jason Joseph and Martin Estrada took over with a soulful version of Prince’s “Purple Rain.” Debby Holiday closed out the first set with “I Don’t Need No Doctor.”

The second set began with Karen Elaine‘s amazing viola performance. While being held aloft in a variety of yoga poses, she never missed a beat. This was followed by Joe Retta returning to the stage for a unique version of Kashmir, with Karen Elaine on viola and Eliza James on violin.

Next was the return of Leif Garrett who performed “It’s Only Rock and Roll,” and “What Is and What Should Never Be.”

Carl Restivo returned to Jam Night and was joined by Ray Luzier, Billy Sheehan, Steven Chesney and Steve Ferlazzo for “Yankee Rose.”

Then Matt Starr took over vocals for “Dream Police” and was joined by Alex Kane and Jaime Hunting.

Cherokee Fortune was up next with “Move Over,” and then Todd Morse returned to Jam Night with “Gimme Shelter.” and “Hard to Handle,” where he and Dirty Rotten Horns blended their sounds.

Survivor’s Walter Ino took the stage next with “Live and Let Die.” Then Jimmy Keagan took over lead vocals from the drum kit for an epic performance of Yes’ “Roundabout,” as a tribute to Chris Squire.

The night ended with Steve Ferlazzo on lead vocals for AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long.”

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