Tom Keifer returns to The Machine Shop on Friday evening bringing solo music and classic Cinderella tunes to a Sold Out crowd.

On Friday evening, fans gather outside The Machine Shop in Flint, MI for Tom Keifer as he makes a stop at the World Famous music lounge on his Rise Tour. Once inside, fans are transported in time to the 80’s with music blasting from the speakers and videos up on the screens from all their favorite hair bands of that time as they wait for the show to begin.

The Machine Shop is located in Flint, Michigan and has become a Mecca for any band to perform in. Since 2002, owner Kevin Zinc and his staff have welcomed many top rock, metal and outlaw country artists. Regardless of artist’s status, artist’s don’t feel their career is complete if they haven’t played on the famous stage.

After performing at The Machine Shop last year and having an enjoyable evening with the crowd, Tom and the band couldn’t turn down another visit on this tour.

Although the bill is listed as a solo show, Tom makes sure to give credit to the band and where credit is due. Tom’s band #keiferband, is listed everywhere where Tom’s name is posted: album covers, merchandise and tour photos and fliers. #keiferband consists of Tom’s wife Savannah Keifer (vocals, percussion, piano), Tony Higbee (guitar, vocal), Billy Mercer (bass guitar, vocals), Kendra Chantelle (vocals, percussion), Jarred Pope (drums, vocals) and Kary Myers (keyboards, vocals).

Tom is on tour now to promote his recent solo project Rise and single “Hype,” along with performing all the top hits from the 80’s rock band Cinderella. The album is his second solo album that released in September of 2019. The single has just recently released in January of 2020.  Tom’s first solo album is titled The Way Life Goes and released in 2013. 

With an anxious sold out crowd in front of him, Tom and his band open the show with the lead off track “Touching The Divine” from the Rise album.

The crowd’s energy heightens as Tom goes all in with a couple of hits “Night Songs” and “Coming Home,” from his previous project as the founder and vocalist of the 80’s rock band Cinderella.

The night continues on with Tom playing solo music “It’s Not Enough,” “Solid Ground” from his The Way Life Goes album and his newest single “Hype” from the Rise album.

Twice as the show evolves, Tom drops his guitar to sit at his keyboard for the title track “Rise” to his current album and one other time where he is accompanied at center stage by his wife Savannah to sing the popular Cinderella classic “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone).”

Tom also adds “Somebody Save Me,” “Nobody’s Fool,” “Fallin’ Apart At The Seams” and “Save Me” from the Cinderella rock vault to his show at The Machine Shop.

Although the solo music is current and is being played on rock radio stations, many people in attendance aren’t familiar with it. As soon as the band strikes a note to a Cinderella hit, the crowd erupts and goes crazy and begins to sing each song word for word all the while of playing their famous air-guitars.

With the band off stage and the crowd calling on their return, Tony performs a guitar solo that leads into “Long Cold Winter” to start off an encore.

The show concludes with Tom singing “Death Of Me” before leaving out on “Gypsy Road.”

Earlier in the evening, the show gets started with local band Peacemaker entertaining the crowd with 70’s and 80’s classic rock covers from bands like Bad Company and Fleetwood Mac.

The Bay City band consists of: Brian Carson (vocals), Tod Walraven (guitar), Brad Graham (drums) and Bruce Humphrey (bass guitar).

To stay up with the news or catch a show from Tom Keifer and #keiferband, Peacemaker or The Machine Shop, click on and follow along to the links provided below.

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Tom Keifer setlist: 

  1. Touching The Devine     2. Night Songs     3. Coming Home     4. It’s Not Enough     5. Somebody Save Me     6. Rise     7. Nobody’s Fool     8. Solid Ground     9. Fallin’ Apart At The Seams     10. Hype     11. Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)     12. Shake Me     13. Shelter Me     Encore: 14. Long Cold Winter     15. Death Of Me     16. Gypsy Road

Peacemaker setlist:

  1. Butterfly     2. Rock And Roll Fantasy     3. Rock Steady     4. Rolling Stone     5. Wishing Well     6. Oh Well     7. Fool For Your Loving     8. Keep On Schewinging     9. Peacemaker     

Event Date: 21-FEB-2020