Tiger Sex brings a raw and steamy punk set to Louisville with Sweatermeat and Years at Sea.

A small but appreciative crowd welcomed Tiger Sex back to Louisville for a great night of punk rock.  There is an awesome raw, energetic and erotically suggestive flavor to a Tiger Sex show and tonight was no different.  Their show started out fast with “Trash,” “Dirty Disease,” and “California” before slowing it down a little with a bluesy original song “Walking the dog”.   Included in the high energy set was an “I Don’t Care,” “Run For your Life,” “Mr. Mailman,” and “Tiger Walk” where they brought a birthday boy on stage to the Tiger Walk with Kelly.

Tiger Sex finished their set with “It’s in your Eyes” along with a request from Eli; the supercharged “Can’t Take it” that capped off a great set.  As usual, Kelly was all over the venue, in the pit in front of the stage, standing on tables and on a piano that was just a little off stage which created great fan interactions. Tiger Sex is Kelly Tiger Sex (vocals), Kei Ha Tan (guitar) and Ron (drums)

Supporting Tiger Sex this evening was a couple of local Louisville groups.   Sweatermeat, who performed a 30 minute set of garage punk that really needed to be experienced. Sweatermeat is Maxwell Jump (vocals and guitar), Yoko Molotov (Vocals and bass) and David Batcheldor (drums). Opening the evening was thrash punk group Years at Sea who also performed a 30 minute set of original songs that started the evening off in a good way.

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