Theory of a Deadman provides good old fashioned Rock and Roll on the closing weekend of the Kentucky State Fair with Goldy LockS.

Touring in support of their upcoming album Wake Up Call, due to be released on October 27th Theory of a Deadman blast on to the Kentucky State Fair stage as the “Blame Canada” intro tape rolls. Wasting no time getting the party started, Theory Of A Deadman begin with a raucous rendition of “Low Life” followed in rapid succession by “So Happy,” “Blow” along with their chart topper “No Surprise” and we are off to a great start.

Lead singer Tyler Connolly announces, ‘Here is a song for all of the beautiful women in the crowd’ as the familiar chords of fan favorite “Bitch Came Back“ roll over the venue with “Hurricane” and a wild Joey Dandeneau drum solo keeping the energy level high.  

Their new hit single “Rx” starts off the second half of the main set, receiving a warm reception from this audience of obvious fans.  “All Or Nothing”, followed by crowd pleasers “Not Meant to Be” and “Angel” are next with the entire venue singing along with Tyler and the guys. 

‘We have been travelling and playing for more than 15 years, none of this would be possible without all of the fans, we appreciate you all’ states Tyler as Theory of a Deadman close their main set with “Hate My Life” with everyone on their feet doing their best to out sing Tyler.  

Chants of “Theory, Theory” bring the guys out for an encore performance. ‘Everyone loves music, we need music and it needs us. Music never lies or steals from you, it’s always there for you. Here is a song about running away’ Tyler announces as meaningful rendition “Santa Monica” follows.

Tonight is Tyler’s 42nd birthday, and a cake is brought on stage as the rest of the band encourages everyone to sing “Happy Birthday” to him.

Theory of a Deadman closes out a fantastic evening at the Kentucky state fair with fan favorite “Bad Girlfriend”.

Opening the show with a fun and lively set of covers were Nashville based Goldy LockS.  Dressed in all black Goldy LockS was all smiles on stage while interacting with stage front fans during the entire set. A cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” brought some boos and negative reactions from the crowd which Goldy smoothly handled.


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Event Date: 26-AUG-2017